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Smells Dogs Hate,All You Need To Know About!

Smells dog hate

We all know dogs have a keen sense of smell, but it's beyond belief how super this canine sense of smell is.  

There is even smells dog dislike, say top veterinarians sharing details about dog skills on various social networking websites.  

While it's known that dogs also hate smells humans dislike, it is interesting to note that dogs and masters do not like the smell of ammonia, vinegar and such things as nail polish

Another aspect of a dog's sense of smell is linked to unsavory habits that human masters need to be mindful about.


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According to a PBS TV "NOVA" program [1] , most dogs are curious about things that may not be healthy for them.  

It is well known that dogs have the gross animal habit of smelling feces, this act of searching for richly odoriferous things to smell is part and parcel of what a "dog is supposed to do," said a longtime vet online.  

For instance, a PBS dog-cognition expert explained on television that a dogs' sense of smell is an ancient ability found in a dog's DNA. Thus, it is a good thing to understand the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How your dog smells to please and protect the pooch during a hopefully long and happy life.

At the same time, the famed Sensory Research Institute at Florida State University considers a dog's sense of smell as "10,000 to 100,000 times" as acute as their human masters.  "If you make the analogy to vision, what you and I can see at a third of a mile, a dog could see more than 3,000 miles away and still see as well," stated scientists in this recent Sensory Research Institute study [2].  

The study also included various YouTube videos of dogs with the ability to detect when people in medical and home care are ill or even dying.

Dogs and smells they dislike or hate

Dogs are referred to a man's best friend. They are loyal, easy going and often tolerate human behavior.

 However, there are some things that dogs secretly hate. One of these things includes strong fragrances.

Dogs are sensitive to smell.

This is why they get excited every time they are on the street and get exposed to a new smell. However, while there may some smells that seem pleasant to dogs, there are certain smells dogs hate.

The abhorrence of dogs to certain smells can help pet owners keep them away from furniture, garden or any other item they do not want the canine to poke his nose in.

To learn more about smells that repel dogs, take a look at this interesting guide listed below.

Dog owners should not be wary about a dog sniffing.  

According to PBS TV "NOVA," dogs are usually nosy about things that may not be unhealthy for them.

A favorite vet online is of the opinion that the animal habit of dogs smelling feces is only an instinctual behavior of the animal and a practice that all 'dogs are supposed to do.'  

A dog's sense of smell according to a PBS dog-cognition expert is a sense found in the DNA of a dog.

Therefore, to understand dog habits and help your pet live a long and healthy life, it is essential that you learn all about (who, what, when, where and how a) dog smells.

A dog's smell according to the Sensory Research Institute at Florida State University is near '10,000 to 100,000' times as acute as humans. If a smell is potent to humans, it is much more influential to your dog.

If your dog does not like a smell, he reacts vocally, avoids the smell or runs to another place to get away from it. 

The overdramatic reactions of your pet during these times may be humorous to see, but at the same time, it does help you know about the smells that your canine friend dislikes.  Studies by the scientist at the research institute also include

YouTube videos show how dogs can detect when people who are ill in medical or home care or are even dying.

An interesting fact about dogs is that they can pick up scents even from vast distances.

The nostrils of a dog operate independently, allowing them to not only detect a scent but also glean a sense of its location as well.

15 Smells Dogs Hate  ( that you never heard before )

#1 Citrus and smell dogs tend to hate

Smells Dogs Hate

Unlike humans who love the smell of citrus and enjoy having a dash of lemon in their tea or drinking a glass of fresh orange juice, dogs hate citrus smells.

Citrus fruits such as orange, lemon or grapefruit emit odors that cause irritation in the respiratory tract of the animal producing an unbearable and annoying sensation.

In fact, citrus can be so healthy for your canine that it can even damage their nostrils and airways.

Also, dogs also dislike the smell produced by essential oils made with citrus fruits. Oils made from citrus fruits emit even much stronger odor than the fruit itself making it unbearable for the dog.  

However, dog owners can use natural citrus fruit scent to prevent their pet from urinating in a specific area of the home

#2 The Smell of Chili Pepper

The smell of 'chili pepper' can be quite hazardous for your canine friend.

Chili pepper contains the chemical, Capsaicin that can irritate a dog's sensitive nose and can cause a burning sensation in the dog's nose.

The smell of chili pepper can be toxic to dogs and can burn and irritate a dog's nose long after taking a whiff.  

Therefore, dog owners are advised to keep chili pepper away from their pets and not expose their pets to this toxic pepper.

According to a pet MD giving dog care advice online, inhaling chili pepper can not only cause a dog to sneeze violently but also lead to bleeding if the chili is not immediately washed and removed away with water.

However, dog owners can sprinkle chili pepper around indoor and outdoor plants that you want to protect or that are dangerous for their furry friend.

chili peppers

#3 The Smell of Vinegar

The smell of vinegar is another kind of smells dog hate.

Many cooks who have shared their stories online have revealed how their canine friend who accidentally happens to ingest vinegar had to be rushed to the vet.

In one of the instances, a dog owner related how his pet would not stop crying after licked vinegar from a plate set aside for a cooking recipe.

Dog experts are of the opinion that though vinegar helped heals wound, its smell can be quite hazardous for a dog.

However, since apple cider vinegar can be beneficial for the canine, pet owners can dilute it with water and use it along the dog shampoo to prevent their pet from smelling bad.

#4 The Smell of Ammonia

Ammonia contains high levels of chemical concentration which produce strong smells dog hate.

The smell of ammonia can be harmful to your pet. Vapor provides a smell that is similar to that released by dog's urine.

The dog links the 'urine' smell to the presence of another animal in the home, causing him stress. There are videos online such that can help to panic pet owners learn what they can do if their pet happens to encounter the smell of ammonia. ​

According to a vet sharing his views online, the toxic properties of ammonia can be harmful to the canine as well as humans. A dog who has been an under the influence of ammonia smell will bark loud and clear. Similarly, using cleaning products that contain ammonia can also make the dog uncomfortable, causing him to move to a farther place.

#5 Rubbing Alcohol Smell


The strong scent of rubbing alcohol is one those smells dog hate.

This is why is it is usually suggested that pet owners wash their pet's wounds with just plain water.

According the vet, the smell of rubbing alcohol can be quite painful for your pet and is best to keep your pet away from it. 

Rubbing alcohol when used by senior's citizens for aches and pains can be quite hazardous for a dog.

It can cause your pet to bark loudly and make him feel uncomfortable.

#6 The Smell of Alcohol

The smell of alcohol can be unbearable to dogs and can be disastrous if he happens to ingest it.

According to a dog owner sharing his views online, alcohol can be really toxic to the point that it can make the animal cry and can often lead to death if the canine is overexposed to alcohol.

Apart from the strong smell, dogs also hate the smell of antibacterial gels and alcoholic beverages.  

#7 The Smell of Nail Polish and Nail Polish Remover

Dogs detest the smell of nail polish as it includes a high number of chemical compounds, including isopropyl alcohol, formaldehyde, acetate, and nitrocellulose.

If a dog comes in contact with nail polish, it can cause him to itch and sneeze excessively. Similarly, nail polish removers contain chemical compounds, acetone that is quite unfavorable to dogs.  

It is therefore highly recommended that you keep such cosmetic products away from dogs.

However, if your pet has the habit of scratching doors or legs of chairs applying some nail polish on the furniture can help you keep your pet away from this continuing with this nasty habit.

#8 The Smell of Weeds

Weeds can be poisonous for dogs.

Although there are fun videos online that show puppies playing in the weeds in a backyard, it is important to note that the smell of plants can make them quite uncomfortable. 

This may be one of the reasons why most of the dogs are seen barking for no reason in a backyard or outside a public park.

According to do owner, it is not right to expose your dogs to weed.

This is a reason why the owner says he has limited his pet's time spent outdoors near weeds.

#9  The Smell of Mint

Mint has a strong smell can be sore to the sensitive nose of a dog. It is one of those smells dog hate and always tries and stays away from it.

Always remember the health of your canine of utmost importance.

Ensure that you keep him away from all those things that can be harmful to his health, even if it means limiting his exposure to innocent mint.

#10  The Smell of Strong Spices

Strong spices such as cayenne and paprika are some smells dog hate. The smell of strong spices can lead to dog health issues.

According to vets, cooking with spices can be unsafe for dogs and can make feel sick and uncomfortable.

#11  The Smell of Mothballs

Mothballs are dangerous and highly toxic for both humans and dogs.

Mothballs contain strong smelling substances that emit smells dogs hate.

The smell emitted by mothballs can irritate your dog's nose, eyes, and lungs. 

Dogs who are around mothballs often suffer from a runny nose, red, runny eyes and sneezing.  

Also, if your pet happens to ingest a mothball, it can lead to his death.

However, mothballs when put high up or in a vented holder allows the smell to spread in an area you are trying to keep your pet from damaging.

#12  The Smell of Coffee and Café espresso

Vets are of the opinion that unlike human a dog does not enjoy or get kick-started by the coffee aroma.

Dogs do not enjoy a 'coffee' or a 'café,' and their aroma is one of those smells dogs hate. To help determine if your dog has been exposed to coffee or other toxins fluids, dog owners can check this Petmd website symptom checker. [1]

#13 The Smell of Perfumes

Unlike humans, dogs hate the smell of perfumes. This is because perfumes contain a high amount of chemical compounds that are not very favorable to dogs.

Additionally, using perfumes can camouflage the natural body odor the owner and prevent the dog from identifying them.

#14 Eucalyptus Smell

Products used to treat nasal congestion usually include eucalyptus oil and methanol. Dogs nose are sensitive to the smells of these ingredients, and it can cause your pet's eyes to water and have a burning sensation on his nose.

#15 The Smell of Neem Oil

The aroma of neem oil is one of the smells dogs hate.

Although neem oil is a non-toxic and natural product, the smell it emits is quite strong for the canine and can dissuade him from entering forbidden areas such as garbage bins, flower beds and so on.

All dog owners need to be educated regarding smells dog hates. Although there are many ways by which pet owners can gain information about dangers of smells that dogs dislike, they often neglect to gain knowledge on the subject because they think they know what their pet needs based on the own life experiences. 

Most vets are of the opinion that dog owners are not well educated about 'a dog's keen sense of smell.' Since humans do not have a strong sense of smell as their pets, they are of the opinion that 'what is good for the master' is good for the dog- which is nothing but far from the truth.

A dog's nose is a vital organ for both the canine and his master.

According to a favorite vet sharing his views online about pet care, there are serious dog health issues today.

One of the reasons that can lead to these health issues is exposing your furry friend to a list of toxic products that a dog cannot smell.

 Keeping your pet away from smells dogs hate can play a vital role in maintaining the canine feeling happy and healthy all life.  

Dogs and their smell systems have time and again come to the aid of humanity every day. Studies have revealed that dogs can sniff out disease in humans, particularly cancers even before you know about it.

Having malignant tumors discharges minuscule amount of chemical compounds which are generally absent in healthy tissue.

A dog with his smell of sense can detect the changes even before humans learn about them in a blood test. A British study reveals that dogs are also capable of detecting sudden blood sugar drops in people with Type 1 diabetes.[2]

All these facts show that dogs with their keen sense of smell can be quite helpful to their masters and others who do not have this remarkable sense of smell as them. 

When a pooch has a healthy sense of smell, it signifies good overall health of the animal as well as the pet owner's family.

Pet owners who love their pet should know what their pet's routine requirements are when it comes to the things it smells.

 Feeding your dog with a nutritious, wholesome, natural diet rich in vitamin A and engaging your pooch in new smells whenever possible will help keep the canine's nose healthy.

Take your pet to different locations (both old and new) to help expand his olfactory horizons.

Learning about what smells dogs hates or likes can help a dog owner save his pet from various physical and emotional issues and improve their pet sniff happily for years to come.


It is important to note that like humans, dogs too have their own tastes and so the smell that may be unpleasant to a dog may not be the same for the other dog.

Generally, it is seen that most dogs hate citrus or chemical type of smells. 

However, learning about the dog smells is essential for all dog owners who have forgotten about this particular skill their pooch posses.

Dogs may hate smell due to various reasons.

Dog owners should know and understand about the smells dogs hate and take care to keep them away from these smells.

A dog's powerful nose can help a pet owner in a variety of ways. Dog owners should, therefore, admire this ability and take care of it to help them and their pet lead a happy and healthy life.

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