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Preventing Dog bites, Tips to remain safe.

Few pets are as universally loved as dogs. No matter what breed they are, dogs are associated with cuteness and cuddliness. However, they are animals with sharp teeth, and occasionally, they will use their teeth against humans. In this article, we show you some tips, how to prevent dog bites.


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Just under five million dog bites are reported in the United States each year. This is not even counting the countless nips that go unreported. So just what causes dogs to nip a little too hard, or bite a human?

Just under five million dog bites are reported in the United States each year. This is not even counting the countless nips that go unreported. So just what causes dogs to nip a little too hard, or bite a human?

To be clear, there is simply no way to completely prevent dog bites other than to avoid contact with dogs at all times. Since most people don't want to sacrifice all the positives they can get from being around dogs, the preferred way of handling things is to do as much as possible to prevent dog bites by being educated on the most common triggers that could cause dogs to be aggressive.

Children are the most vulnerable to dog bites, so it is important to educate them at an early age. Here is a look at the top tips both kids and adults can benefit from to avoid bites from dogs.

Tips When Interacting With Other People's Dogs

A Men is interacting with dog

- Ask Permission

The first thing to do whenever interacting with another person's dog is to ask permission. Maybe the dog is not good with strangers. Maybe it is just coming off a surgery and their body is sensitive. Just asking beforehand can help, because the owner can lay out any idiosyncrasies the dog might have.

- Let Them See and Sniff Before Touching You

Dogs rely on sight and smell quite a bit. There is a reason why they are constantly sniffing everything. When a dog starts to sniff a stranger, they are put more at ease.

A lot of dogs are extremely friendly, but some need a little more time to get to know a new person. By trying to pet them too quickly, it could spook them, provoking a bite.

- Avoid Running At Or Away From Them

Running at or away from a dog that is not your own can cause them to react in a bunch of different ways. Some dogs might take it as play time, but they could be rough when they play. A stranger will not know how they normally act when playing, so it could lead to a nip or bite.

A person running at a dog can also cause fear. When any animal is put on the defense, the chance of them using their teeth increases significantly.

- Stay Calm And Confident When Approached By A New Or Stray Dog

The first few tips are mostly geared towards interacting with a new dog owned by a familiar owner. What about random or stray dogs though? This can often be one of the scariest positions for people of all ages. With no knowledge on how aggressive they are, it's the human who needs to go on the defensive (with confidence, of course).

When approached by a dog that is unfamiliar, the first thing to do is stay calm. Dogs can sense fear. They will likely be staring you right in the eyes, but try to avoid doing the same. Instead, either stand your ground firmly, or begin to back up slowly.

If the dog is still being aggressive, try to find something to act as a barrier between you and the dog. This will help to keep them away from your body. A lot of dogs will bark over and over again, but if a person stays calm and acts appropriately, they can usually reach safety before an attack occurs.

 Breed-based statistics are hard to find.

However the editors of ANIMALS 24-7 collected 5,460 dog attacks that resulted in significant injury or death. Here we have the 10 breeds that resulted with more attacks.











German Shepherd



Bullmastiff (Presa Canario)



Wolf hybrid

















Dog bite statistics by breed

Tips When Interacting With Your Own Dog

Everyone believes that their own dog loves their owners. After feeding them, providing shelter, taking them on walks and more, why wouldn't they? The truth is, plenty of owners have bite wounds from their own dogs. How does this happen? A lot of times, it is simply not being educated on triggers that dogs might respond to.

This is a foot bitten by a dog

- Avoid Harsh Play

Dogs love to play, but playing too hard might provoke a bite. Dogs will nip other dogs when playing around, so that could easily turn into a bite with a human if the playing becomes too much.

Harsh play also includes squeezing or jumping on dogs. Even with bigger dogs, this should be avoided. There is a threshold for every dog that can make them snap with a bite if they feel trapped or uncomfortable.

- Avoid Pulling On Sensitive Areas

A lot of breeds have cute ears. Even more, have cute tails. These two areas of the dog should always be treated with care. Dogs should never, ever be lifted or pulled around by their tail. Doing so can cause even the most mild-mannered dogs to potentially bite.

The ears are not as bad, but since they are right there on the face, it is easier for them to bite if it is uncomfortable. It's fine to pet, but don't grab these areas.

- Don't Touch Them While Eating, Relieving Themselves or In A Deep Sleep

Consider these three of the most vulnerable positions a dog can be in throughout the day. When eating, they often get lost in the food. It is similar to a human zoning out. Getting touched while eating can catch them completely off guard, throwing them into defense mode.

Owners might notice that when a dog is going #1, and more specifically, #2, they are usually staring at them. No, this isn't some sort of weird quirk for them, but they are actually depending on you to protect them during this vulnerable time. By touching them during this moment, it can really be a stressful situation that could involve teeth in a hurry.

Finally, sleeping dogs should be left alone. There is no need to cuddle up or touch them at that time. Doing so could wake them up and put them in a position to react unfavorably.

- Don't Mess With Their Babies

If you have a dog that recently gave birth, you will quickly realize that those babies mean the world to that mother. Do not mess with them. Moms will actually let the owner know when it is fine to start interacting with them. Until then, the mother can become extremely aggressive with anyone trying to touch her children.

- Don't Back Them Into A Corner

When a dog is backed into a corner, they have to rely on instincts to escape. It puts them in a very stressful situation, so there could be growling before ultimately biting if an owner is not careful.

There is really no reason whatsoever to back a dog into a corner, so just avoid it at all costs. Younger children might feel as though it is a fun game to play, but it could be a dangerous one.

- Pick The Right Toys

Once you become familiar with your dog, the right type of toys will be discovered. There are certain toys that will just provoke more aggressive play and biting. While it is essential for dogs to be able to chew on things, toys that cause too much aggression should be avoided.

Also, avoid toys that are nearly impossible to get away from the dog. When the dog simply will not give up a toy under any circumstance, that usually forced a person to have to manually try to open the dog's mouth enough to release it. Having fingers that close to the teeth can be disastrous.

- Feed Them Treats Properly

Dogs love treats. Humans love giving treats. So how can this be dangerous? Well, dogs love to eat treats, but they don't have pinpoint accuracy with their teeth. That means fingers could also be chomped on if the treat is not held properly.

Every treat should be placed in the palm of the hand. Don't expose the fingers or thumb to the dog, or they could become part of the treat. Teaching children at a young age how to do this properly is essential to avoid any major issues.

Final Thoughts

The vast majority of dog bites can be prevented if a person is fully educated on some of the main things that trigger these attacks. It is important to remember that most dogs bite for a specific reason. Very rarely do dogs turn aggressive completely out of the blue.

A dog's mood can often be determined just by looking at its body language. Reading the vibes given off by the dog can help a person avoid a potentially dangerous situation as well.

Above all else, remember that dogs should be treated for with care. Bites often occur when a dog becomes too excited or frightened. If proper care is given to the dog, they should be fine at the very least with their owners. Dogs owned by other people might be a little bit trickier to deal with if they are not good with humans, but communication with the owner is the key to preventing dog bites as much as possible.