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What is the Best Low Protein Dog Food

A dog requires a balanced diet to stay active and healthy. However, if your dog has liver or kidney problems, the veterinarian will advise you give it the best low protein dog food in the market.

This is a controversial diet as dogs need to consume sufficient amounts of meat. A dog without liver or kidney problems removes the toxins produced during protein digestion through urine. Dogs that can't digest proteins, thus, should consume foods that are low in proteins.



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Nutro's Ultra Weight Management Adult Dry Dog Food

Hill's Science Diet Adult 7+

Holistic Select Natural Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin Dry Dog Food

Hill's Prescription Diet k/d Renal Health Canned Dog Food

How to Choose Low Protein Dog Food Selection

Even though protein is an important part of a dog's diet, there is a certain chronic illness that renders dogs incapable of properly metabolizing proteins. When your vet diagnoses your dog with a chronic disease, you are required to change their diet so that toxins don't accumulate in their blood.

Choosing the right low protein dog food diet can be quite tasking and stressful especially because an ailing dog tends to lose appetite.

It is best to work with your vet's recommendations and ensure you offer your dog variety and find out what they like more.

Because the diet change is as a result of a chronic illness diagnosis, you should note that this will be your dog's new diet as chronic illnesses don't have a cure.

What are the Advantages/Benefits Of Low Protein Dog Food

Impaired liver function, as well as severe kidney disease both, interfere with your dog's protein metabolism. It is necessary that you make a diet change gradually to save your dog's life. One important benefit of low protein dog food is extended longevity even as a dog with a chronic illness. 

Feeding your dog low protein food is therapeutic because there won't be a build up of urea in their blood due to the kidney and liver's ability to filter out toxins. You are going to need careful planning so that the diet you settle doesn't result in nutritional deficiencies. 

Being aware of potential drawbacks to your dog's health and ability to thrive due to the diet change allows you to take necessary precautions. Feeding your dogs on foods without the amino acids they are unable to metabolize ensures that their renal system is not overworked. 

Things To Look For / Attributes That Differentiate These Products

Once your dog has been diagnosed with a chronic illness, there is no going back from it, and the only reasonable measure to take is to change their diet. Feeding your dog on low protein dog food is the only chance you have at managing the illness. Knowing how to differentiate products with low protein content is the first step you should take in ensuring your dog has a proper diet. 

A supportive renal diet should be low on phosphorous and sodium. A proper meal prep ensures you have all the knowledge to make the right decisions for your dog. Even though you can opt to make your dog food on your own, commercial dog food options are much more effective and convenient. Ensure you consult with your vet to find out how to determine the right products to purchase.

What's the Best Way to Use this Low Protein Dog Food

The best way to use a low protein dog food diet is to introduce your dog to it gradually. Consider mixing your dog's normal food with the food the food your vet recommended.

 Vary the food proportions until all your dog is feeding on is low protein dog food. Always remember to offer your dog variety and a supportive eating environment.

 Consider stroking your dog as they eat because illness makes it difficult for dogs to eat due to loss of appetite. 

Controversy Involving Low Protein Dog Food

Even though vets advice against foods high in proteins for dogs with kidney illnesses, there is research that supports the safety of feeding your dog proteins.

Most dogs usually suffer from kidney issues when they age. There have been tests with have given results that do not support the hypothesis that aging dogs are unable to metabolize proteins properly. 

Results show that feeding aging dogs low protein dog food results in an increase in mortality rate. Aging dogs seem to have the ability to filter out toxins when they feed on proteins.

Research shows that phosphorous and sodium should, however, be restricted from an ailing dogs diet as a preventative. The conclusion is that low protein dog food should be introduced in case of adverse liver and kidney illnesses. 

Prerequisites to Using the Low Protein Dog Food

The main prerequisite to using a low protein diet is when your dog is unable to metabolize proteins properly. When your vet diagnoses your dog with kidney disease, liver disease, or a specific type of kidney stones, then you are required to change their diet. 

The Best Low Protein Dog Food

Hill's Science Diet Adult 7+

If you have a dog that is 7+ years old, Hill's Science Diet Adult 7+ may be the right item to purchase, because older dogs can't handle high levels of protein like they did when they were younger. This product contains 19.6% of easily digestible protein. This amount may be too high for dogs with kidney problems but is a good amount for aging ones. 

Our #3 Pick

Hill's Science Diet Adult 7+

All the ingredients in the product are natural. There are no added preservatives, colors or flavors. This item is readily available in most vet clinics and Amazon at affordable prices.

Also present is a blend of antioxidants and vitamins C+T that helps the immune system of an older dog stay strong. Also, it contains high levels of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that go well with the pet's system.


  • It's made with global all-natural ingredients
  • It has nutrients that are balanced and suitable for older dogs of at least 7 years
  • Contains a good blend of vitamin C+T and antioxidants for a strong immune system
  • Contains crucial nutrients, taurine low sodium levels that help in keeping the heat healthy
  • The ingredients are easy to digest with a combination of fiber. These help to keep the digestive system healthy
  • Has high-quality fiber and protein that help to keep the dog's muscles lean keeping it at optimal weight

  • It is a natural source of chondroitin and glucosamine that lead to the development of cartilage and thus healthy joints


  • Some dogs may develop diarrhea within the 24 hours of consuming it for the first time
  • Should not be given to pregnant dogs, nursing dogs, or puppies

Holistic Select Natural Dry Dog Food

To reduce the protein intake for your dog, this Natural Dry Dog Food can be a good choice. It has a balance of peas and chicken to give the right amount of easy to digest protein alongside few calories. This may be perfect for a dog that puts on weight fast.

Our #4 Pick

Holistic Select Natural Dry Dog Food

The product contains active probiotics, digestive enzymes, and fiber to help the dog stay in perfect health.

It contains all-natural ingredients that are perfect for your dog's system. Although the Holistic foods are available in different sizes, they are not so cheap. However, they could be worth it given the healthy combination of nutrients that are right for your dog.


  • It has no meat products
  • No by-products of poultry
  • No added flavors
  • No Fillers
  • No Wheat
  • Contains active probiotics
  • Contains active enzymes
  • Contains various proteins and formulas for dogs of all ages
  • Contains protein that is easy to digest
  • Contains few calories. This is good for preventing your dog from being overweight
  • Comes in many different sizes making it affordable


  • There is a fishy smell from the dog's breath every time after consuming this product
  • Compared to other leading low protein dog foods, it is more expensive

Nutro's Ultra Weight Management Adult Dry Dog Food

This Dog Food has ingredients that are low in fat, protein, and calories. This makes it good for aging and over-weight dogs. It also has elements that benefit your dog's joint health. There is a total of 15 superfoods including chia, coconut, and kale, that are combined to come up with this canine nutritional food

Our #1 Pick

Nutro's Ultra Weight Management

The whole grains in the food help to make digestion easy while giving additional nutrients to your dog.

This food also has fatty acids and taurine that are crucial for the optimal functioning of the dog's immune and central nervous systems. There are no added flavors, preservatives, or colors in this food. This is not a cheap product, but it contains a good combination of nutrients that most dogs could use.


  • Has targeted fat and protein amounts for supporting raised energy levels in large breed dogs
  • Manufactured by experts who tailor it to your dog's age and health
  • Made using natural ingredients obtained directly from suppliers
  • It contains chondroitin and glucosamine that are good for helping your dog get healthy joints
  • Has taurine, an antioxidant that helps with healthy hearing and eyesight
  • It contains superfood ingredients such as whole flaxseed and salmon
  • Does not have artificial colorsDoes not have artificial colors
  • To guarantee quality and safety, the product is made in the facility of the manufacturer 
  • Has delicious taste 
  • Contains antioxidants for maintaining a healthy heart and immune system, and sharp mind 
  • Made in the United States
  • Comes in canned and dry formulas 


  • More expensive than most other leading low protein dog foods

Hill's Prescription Diet k/d Renal Health Canned Dog Food 

The Canned Dog Food may be the right option for a dog with renal issues. Such dogs should stay well-nourished with low protein, low sodium, and low phosphorous foods.

The foods should be rich in vitamin B-complex that helps in compensating for vitamins lost in urine and omega 3 fatty acids that aid in the flow of blood.

Our #2 Pick

Hill's Prescription Diet

The item comes in cans of 12-13 ounces. This product is readily available to consumers as most vets stock it. 

Given the kidneys' impairment, a combination of these ingredients reduces their workload, thus, keeping them at optimal performance.


  • Its nutrition is tested and formulated clinically to support the health of the dog's kidney, improve and prolong its life's quality
  • Quality proteins present for energy and vitality
  • Has low levels of sodium and phosphorous to protect the heart and kidneys
  • Supports  healthy appetite
  • Helps to sustain the body in a healthy condition
  • Readily available in many veterinary clinics


  • It is relatively expensive
  • A lot of grain for a carnivore
  • Over the amount of protein generally required by dogs
  •  Use Soybean Oil

Royal Canin Dry Dog Food

If your dog is older than 12 years, then you know sad it can be watching it deteriorate in health. At this age, kidney-related problems are common. This is why it is crucial to reduce the number of proteins your dog consumes at this age. Royal Canin Dry Dog Food could be one of the best foods to 12+-year-old dogs.

Our #5 Pick

Royal Canin Dry Dog Food

The protein level in this food is controlled. Present in the food are antioxidants, DHA, and EPA that are useful to an aging dog's skin 

The low levels of phosphorous in the product help in promoting healthy working of the kidneys. In addition to reducing the dog's kidneys' workload, this food helps to keep the weight of your canine friend in check. It also helps to produce essential energy while using L-carnitine to aid in the burning of fats.  

There are no artificial ingredients in the item. This means that your dog's system will not get clogged. The product could also be given to feed older small dogs because of the easily rehydrated kibble present in it. 


  • Low levels of protein
  • Minimal phosphorous to improve kidneys' functioning
  • Helps in weight control
  • Contains L-carnitine that helps in burning of fat
  • Reduces stool and its odor
  • Available at all stages of a dog's life


  • It is relatively expensive


Dogs require proteins for them to thrive and have a long life. However, certain illnesses make dogs unable to properly digest proteins.

When your vet diagnoses your dog with a chronic disease, you are required to take all necessary measures to ensure you manage the illness. 

Feeding your dog on low protein dog food ensures that their kidneys are not overworked in trying to filter out toxins. The benefit of feeding a dog suffering from severe kidney or liver ideas on low protein foods is their blood won't be saturated with urea.