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Best Dog Foods For Sensitive Stomach And Diarrhea

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the Best Dog Foods for Sensitive Stomach and Diarrhea, then we recommend the Honest Kitchen Human Limited Ingredient Fish Recipe Dog Food as the best one.

Every home that has a dog is blessed in many ways. A dog is truly a person’s best friend. And you are likely to find that your pet shares a special and unique relationship with every member of the family.

Canines are loving, protective and loyal creatures. If your dog is unwell, it is vomiting or suffering from diarrhea; it is time to consult a veterinarian.

Once the doctor has negated any other condition and thinks that it may be an allergy, it is time to consider the best dog foods for sensitive stomach and diarrhea.

In this article, we’re going to review the following 5 Best Dog Foods For Sensitive Stomach And Diarrhea

How to Choose Dog Food for Sensitive Stomach

When you look at all the information available online on the best diet for dogs with a sensitive stomach, you will find that there is no single failsafe solution for you to opt for. It is a matter of considering the basic food groups, and slowly but surely eliminating the foods that your pet is not allergic to. 

Does My Dog Have a Food Allergy?

Some pet owners may even wonder if their dog needs specialized food. While vomiting and diarrhea are the most obvious signs of a dog with a sensitive stomach, your canine pal may also lose its appetite and look lethargic. It is also likely to have a noisy stomach and may be flatulent. 

A dog with a sensitive stomach is often uncomfortable and unable to do things it would otherwise. For the owners too, this condition is difficult to manage. You may find it difficult to take your dog out as often as it needs to go. You would like to find a solution that would make your dog feel better.

Some common foods allergens include gluten, dairy, and eggs. When your pet eats something that it is allergic to, its body produces antibodies to fight it. Diarrhea and vomiting are two common symptoms of an allergy. [1]

Homemade Vs Packaged Dog Food

The common advice you may frequently receive is to give your pet homemade food made with fresh organic ingredients. However, this is easier said than done. Preparing the food will require a fair amount of time and energy, which you may not have. Besides, dog food that is made especially for animals with a sensitive stomach is nutritionally balanced. It is based on expert advice, stringent research, and quality controls.  

How to Choose the Right Product?

When you look at the best dog foods for sensitive stomach and diarrhea online as well as at stores, you will find that a rather wide choice. The question that confuses most dog owners is how to go about choosing food that would suit their pet. 

Of course, the first and most important thing to consider is the age of your canine. You will find that most brands that offer dog food for sensitive stomachs carry various lines of products for puppies, adults and for seniors. They also offer food created especially for the size of the dog. So, you could select from products for small and toy breeds, medium-sized canines, and larger breeds. 

The next question that you will be faced with is whether to opt for dry or wet food. Online canine discussion groups have argued on this topic for decades. You may instead prefer to take the middle path. You could choose a dry and a wet product and give them separately or mix them up. Pay close attention to the ingredients, this information should help you choose a balanced diet for your pet.

Many pet owners who have faced a similar situation as yours found that their canine responded best to products that only had two or three key ingredients like chicken and rice, turkey and sweet potato, and fish and potato. 

In your search for the right food for your canine, it would be wise to buy only one or two cans or packets and see how your dog likes it before you order for more. Most brands offer product packaging in several sizes, from 4 lb to over 40 lb. They recommend that you help your pet make a slow transition in its food over a course of a few days.  

Best Dog Foods for Sensitive Stomach and Diarrhea

1) The Honest Kitchen Human Limited Ingredient Fish Recipe Dog Food


• The dehydrated recipe is made from six key ingredients pollock, coconut, chickpea, spinach, celery, and pumpkin. 

• The food is human grade. It is made with healthy ingredients and meets FDA standards set for food for humans. 

• It offers your pet a nutritionally balanced meal, free of additive or chemicals.

• The gently dehydrated food is made with finely chopped ingredients that keep their natural nutrition and wholesome goodness. 

• As the food is dehydrated, water needs to be added to it create a balanced meal for your furry pet. A 10 lb box of the food can be rehydrated to make 40 lb canine food. 


• If your pet is allergic to any ingredient in the recipe, clearly it would not be a good choice for it. 

• The product is likely to make your pet’s breath a little smelly.

• Your pet’s food should be stored in an airtight container as it smells of fish.

2) Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach and Skin Dog Food


• Scientifically created with the best quality ingredients, this dog food is nutritionally balanced and is easy to digest. You should expect your dog’s appetite to improve soon.  

• This product is great because it also contains a combination of antioxidants and vitamins such as vitamin C and E that improve the animal’s immune system. 

• Omega-6 fatty acids and other nutrients in the product help improve general health, skin, and coat. Over time, you should expect to see a healthier coat. 

• With a gradual transition to this food, it brings down vomiting and diarrhea and improves GI tract health.

• Better bowel movement and properly formed stool.


• The chicken and barley recipe does not suit all dogs. 

• Pet owners would have to monitor their dog’s bowel movements to see indications of improvement.

• Some dogs may experience flatulence if the chicken in the food does not suit them. 

• The pieces are big in size.

3) Purina Pro Plan FOCUS Dry Adult Dog Food for Sensitive Skin and Stomach


• Real salmon is the main ingredient for this product and is found to be suitable for most dogs with sensitive stomachs. This is especially true for dogs that react badly to chicken. 

• It does not contain any wheat, soy or corn.

• It is free of any artificial coloring and flavors. 

• Zinc and Omega-6 fatty acids in the formula promote healthy skin and coat. There is a noticeable reduction in itching and scratching. 

• Natural prebiotic fiber in the recipe naturally improves digestive health. Your dog would find a marked change in its bowel movements. 


• Fishy dog breath.

• The dog food seems to attract bugs and needs to be stored carefully.

4) Wellness Simple Limited Ingredient Diet Salmon and Potato Formula


• This product is great for dogs that have a sensitive digestive tract and may suffer from flatulence, diarrhea, and other related ailments.

• The recipe uses only one source of protein, salmon, and is mixed with an easy to digest carbohydrate. 

• The product contains natural ingredients and is free of additives, wheat, and fillers.

• It is rich in vitamins and minerals that promote good canine health.

• After eating this dog food for a while, you can expect your pet’s skin and coat to improve. 


• Some dogs may not like the taste of fish.

• Pet owners have to deal with a fishy dog breath and will have to store the food in airtight containers. 

5) Nutro Wholesome Essentials Adult Lamb and Rice Dog Food Recipe


• While the brand does not list this product as specially created for dogs that have a sensitive stomach and suffer from diarrhea, pet owners find it to be very good. 

• The dog food is primarily made with pasture-fed lambs. 

• It is made with no GMO ingredients. The canine food does not contain corn, whey or soy. It also does not have any preservatives, artificial flavoring or color.

• The small bite size kibble makes the dog food easy to chew. 

• The lamb and rice recipe is appetizing and promotes good digestive health.  


• The product is not specifically formulated for food sensitivities. 

• Some dogs with sensitive stomachs do not seem to take to this product as well as others do. 

• The product contains chicken fat so it may not be suitable for dogs that react badly to chicken. 


When your dog has a sensitive stomach, you have to be careful in your choice of dog food.There are many brands in the market that offer food for canines and are specially created to deal with food sensitivities. 

Most of these have two or three key ingredients. They also contain added vitamins and minerals to promote better health and digestion. 

The Honest Kitchen Human Limited Ingredient Fish Recipe Dog Food stands out for several reasons. 

The most important of these is the care and precautions that are taken during food preparation. It uses natural ingredients to provide your canine with a balanced and wholesome meal.

As it is dehydrated it is easy for pet owners to store and prepare. The dog food is ideal for canines of all sizes and ages.