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Best dog food for small dogs Reviews

Are you looking for a top-notch dog food for your small canine friend? If so, you have come to the right place. Learn about the benefits of some great food products for small dogs to improve your pup's disposition and physical health. Do your research to find the best dog food for small dogs. 

Top 5 dog food for small dogs



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Our #1 Pick

IAMS Proactive Health

Best dog food for small dogs

Blue Buffalo Small Breed Dry Food

Best dog food for small dogs

Hill's Science Diet Small & Toy

Hill'S Science small breed

Purina Beneful Small Dogs Dry Food

Kibbles 'N Bits Dry Dog Food Small Breed

Shopping for Various Brands of Food for Your Small Dogs 

No matter the size of your dog, you only want what the best for him or her is. You want your buddy to stick around for a long time, and to be in top form.

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Your pup will stay in good health with a food blend that features vitamins, minerals, and all the right types of ingredients that help your dog to have a shiny coat, strong muscles, proper digestion, and good eye health, among other things.

You never want the food you buy for your dog to make you question if it will affect him or her negatively, and if it is providing enough nutrients.

Why You Need Specific Food for a Smaller Dog 

Do you wonder why it's so important to have a unique dog food blend for your small pooch?

Whether you're a first-time dog owner and just brought home your pup or didn't realize that your little dog requires a specific diet, it's good to do adequate research on the topic.

You might do some reading about this through different avenues, such as on the website of a local, trusted vet clinic or dog food company.

You should make sure that you are getting your information from a reliable source to avoid any errors in how you feed your buddy.

You'll not only be embarrassed, but you'll also feel incredibly guilty if your pet ends up becoming sick or not grow well after giving him or her the wrong kind of food. 

Different Dog Food Blends Are Key 

This is something that may come as a bit of a shock to you. Small dogs require more calories per pound since they burn up energy faster than larger dog breeds. 

Pomeranians actually need over twice the amount of calories per pound than a Great Dane does. 

In addition, it is crucial that you find a dog food that has adequate levels of protein.

Since protein is the top energy source for pooches, smaller dogs require more with their fast metabolism. 

A blend that includes extra B vitamins also helps with this. 

Small breeds usually will get to be full sized at around 9 months or not long after, as compared to 18 months or older for larger breeds.

This means that the smaller pups should have a higher level of calcium and fat in their diets to keep up with their muscle and bone development.

Talk to a vet about your dog's unique dietary needs to determine how much of each of these should be in what you feed him or her. 

Look for food that has been enriched with fat, calcium, and protein to support joints and help your pup's energy levels remain high.

The food should come with ingredients like fish oil, fish, meat, animal fat, dried egg, and meat. 

Therefore, you should search for dog food enriched with protein, calcium, and fat to help maintain small dog's energy levels and support their joints.

Look for ingredients such as meat, fish, animal fat, fish oil, and dried egg.

You should also look for dog food complete with extra B vitamins to help drive their metabolism.

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Size of the Kibble 

Make it a point to avoid giving your small pup regular dry dog food, as it is a large kibble size that may prove to be dangerous to him or her.

Specifically, it can turn into a choking hazard for your pooch because of the size of their jaw and mouth. It can be fatal, so look out for foods that have smaller chunks of kibble.

Another alternative is to pick up some wet food to feed your pup. 

The wet formula tends to be more comfortable for little dogs to digest. 

Of course, consult your veterinarian to see if the dry or wet food would be the better choice. In the end, it is entirely up to you to decide which of these to feed your canine friend.

The main thing is that you make your dog's health a top priority and make your choice with this knowledge and love.

Best 5 food for small dogs. Our Pick

IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH Adult MiniChunks Dry Dog Food

Our #1 Pick

Best dog food for small dogs


This blend features high-quality protein to help your small pup build strong muscles, as well as antioxidants, fiber, and prebiotics. Adult MiniChunks Dry Dog FoodBreed Dry Food


  • Many veterinarians have recommended the use of this product to be given to small dogs.
  • The first ingredient is actual real chicken, from animals that have been farm-raised.
  • Customers have said this has improved their pet's digestion, including a reduction of gas and getting sick.
  • According to reviewers, this has made some older dogs have more energy and appear more youthful in general.


  • The price is a bit higher than most of the brands on the market.
  • Some customers say it is not as flavorful and their dogs spit out the nutrient-filled bits.
  • It has caused some dogs to experience lousy gas and stomach upset, though in many instances the problem was resolved with changing meal portions.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Adult Small Breed Dry Food

Our #2 Pick

Best dog food for small dogs

Blue Buffalo Small Breed Dry Food

The mixture also contains the proper balance of carbohydrates and protein to meet the higher energy requirements of small dogs.


  • This product contains the high quality, trademarked LifeSource Bits, which are a unique blend of minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins that have been selected for optimal immune system health and oxidative balance.
  • The Life Protection formula has real meat as its first ingredient, as well as fruit, garden veggies, and whole grain for a balanced diet.
  • Many dog owners have stated their dog's digestion improved after eating Blue Buffalo's Life Protection formula.


  • The price is a bit higher than most of the brands on the market.
  • Some customers say it is not as flavorful and their dogs spit out the nutrient-filled bits.
  • It has caused some dogs to experience lousy gas and stomach upset, though in many instances the problem was resolved with changing meal portions.

Hill's Science Diet Small & Toy Breed Dry Food

Our #3 Pick

Hill'S Science small breed

Hill's Science Diet Small & Toy

It has a taste that even the pickiest of dogs seem to like and continue

Purina Beneful IncrediBites Small Dogs Adult Dry Food

Our #4 Pick

Purina Beneful Small Dogs Dry Food

This nutrient-rich recipe contains ingredients, vitamins, and minerals that are sure to support your smaller dog's metabolism.


  • IncrediBites is an excellent option at a reasonable price for the amount of dog food that comes in each package.
  • It includes real beef, from cows that have been farm-raised as its first ingredients. Also, real pea and carrot are in this blend.
  • The pieces are more comfortable for small dogs to chew and many customers have left reviews, that their pups like to eat this every day.


  • Certain bits in this food blend do not appeal to some dogs, according to reviews.
  • Some customers say that this has caused stomach upset in their pets.
  • There is a great deal of corn/filler in the formula, which many dog owners do not like.
  • It's important to shop around for deals because some retailers have increased the price for Purina Beneful IncrediBites.

Kibbles 'n Bits Original Dry Dog Food Mini Bits Beef & Chicken

Our #5 Pick

Small Dogs Dry Food

Kibbles 'N Bits Dry Dog Food Small Breed

This contains high-quality protein, ideal for support of strong muscles.


  • The mini pieces are great for small dogs to chew.
  • Kibbles 'n Bits Original Dry Food for Small Dogs has a list of ingredients that provide a balanced, complete diet for smaller canines.
  • This blend is made in the United States, which is a definite draw for many customers.
  • Many reviewers state that their dogs eat this consistently and have absolutely no issues with digestion


  • One reviewer said that their cats like this more than their dogs.
  • The ingredients do not seem to be top grade, as a reviewer mentions that they noticed hair in the dog food.
  • Some normally not-so-picky dogs appeared not to like Kibbles 'n Bits Original Dry Food.
  • A few customers noted that the food seemed to be overcooked.

Final thoughts

As you can see, it can be frustrating to locate the right food for your small dog.You may have to go through hours of research, and a trial and error period. Out of these five brands, one stands out among them all like a real favorite.

IAMS Proactive Health for small adult dogs is an excellent choice, winning out in the areas of balance of ingredients, kibble size, price, and promotion of bone, muscle, and digestive health.

When you're shopping for a new brand which you want to try for your smaller dog, look no further than this fantastic blend.

You will be pleased that you took the chance to look into this when you see how happy your pup is with it.

Find the right combination of ingredients, affordable price, and a balanced diet for your small dog. You may not have realized how you need to feed your smaller pups differently, but now that you know you can make an informed decision and keep your dog in top-notch health for a long time to come.