Best Dog Food For Pugs | Choose A Top Notch Food For Your Pug

Choose a Top Notch Dog Food For Pugs

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the Best dog food for pugs, then we recommend the Rachel Ray Nutrish Natural Salmon as the best one.

When you are on a mission to find the best food for pugs, it is crucial you know exactly the type of food products you need or want.

This is where it is important to research. You will find that there are numerous reviews of basically any item you can think of, including dog food. Read on to learn about the most reputable dog food products on the market today.

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Shopping for Best Dog Food for Pugs

Whether you are planning to get a pug or already are a pug owner, it is in your best interest to learn as much as possible about their nutritional and dietary needs. Once you do, you can ensure that your pup will be healthy and full of energy. 

What Pugs Need

Pugs are dogs with small bodies and a medium energy level. They are happiest when they are playing with their human companions. Keep them fit and at their best with a diet that specifically is designed to meet their unique needs.

Since the majority of pugs weigh between 14 and 18 pounds, it is necessary that they have a calorie intake of 700 to 900 calories per day or 50 calories per pound. It is a good idea to avoid giving your pug snacks, except for during their training period.

Dogs who fall under the pug breed category tend to be greedy eaters. For this reason, there is a risk of obesity. Watch out for this carefully, and give appropriate portions at feeding time. Their diets should be high in carbohydrates that come from vegetable and fruit sources, and high-quality protein.

Grains and corn are not ideal for pugs to eat since it can cause joint problems, which already are a concern for pugs. Make sure that you avoid them as much as possibly by reading the ingredients list before you purchase a new dog food. 

What to Look for in Dog Food for Pugs

It is beneficial to look for dog foods that contain real meat as their first ingredient. Steer clear of any that contain by-products of chicken or meat, or those that have fillers that provide only empty calories.
Pugs can have various health issues just because of their breed. Your dog may have eye issues, skin dryness, or problems with mobility.

Here you can find lists a variety of health problems that are common with Pugs -

A healthy diet can do a great deal to prevent and improve these maladies, although there often is no absolute cure. There are options for dog food that are a formulated blend of ingredients that serve as a beneficial diet for dogs with certain medical issues.

Look into the selection of what is out there before you place an offer, and you will be pleased with the results.

Renowned dog behaviour specialist   Cesar Milan    ​​states the following when it comes to recommendations for feeding amounts and frequency based on a dog's age: 

The amounts vary from 1/2 cup to 1 cup per serving

Switch to feeding adult dog food once your dog is around ten months old. 

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  • Pugs who are 0-3 months old should eat up to 4 times per day
  • Pugs who are 3-6 months old should eat up to 3 times per day 
  • Pugs who are 6-12 months old should eat up to 2 times per day 
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    Once your dog is one year old, he or she should eat between 1-2 times per day

1) Rachel Ray Nutrish Natural Salmon

 This food caught my eye as my pug loves salmon, and I like Rachael Ray. I don't like feeding my dog many grains since I've heard they are only filler, so I am really glad that this food doesn't include them. Maybe you'll like that too.

Also, I've watched some shows on dog food fillers that scared me. I thought it great that this food doesn't have fillers.

My pug tends to be less energetic than most. But for some reason, potatoes light his energy fire. It hasn't been obvious since he started eating this, but I do see his energy has perked up a bit. The biggest trouble for my pug is allergies make his breathing even worse, and this food seems help to avoid ingredients that might trigger mine's allergies worse.

 I'm still figuring that out.

I also figured no downside to the vitamins in this food, but maybe benefits over time. I've seen some scary stuff about dog food from China, so it was a relief that this food was made in the US, but I'd have tried it anyway.

Not knowing as much about pugs as I should, I really liked that it TOLD me how to transition mine to this food. Thanks. I cannot know that this food will suit your pug.

I can only tell you that it's worked great for mine so I plan to stick with it for mine. Best wishes.

2) Blue Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe 

My 10-year-old pug will eat anything, including my shoes. My vet says he should lose weight. Even on my limited budget, I thought I should try this expensive food. My family member's health is worth more to me than the money. 

Over time, it should save me money for a protein-rich diet for him to lose weight, anyway.
I don't know anything about Bison in this food. All I know from reading is it's high in protein, which is what I was looking for.

This food doesn't include grain, which was good for me and maybe you if your dog balloons up on you when eating grain.
Jack loved it, but he loves everything, so that's was never going to be a problem. The pellets are too large for Jack who tends to choke, but I'll be happy to try their wet food next. 

I just don't have the time to mash these larger pellets up to be less risky for my pug who eats like lightning, but for the rest of this bag, that's my plan.

If your pug needs to lose weight but is bigger sized anyway, this food might be a good choice for you to give it a go. 

 3) Halo Vegan Garden Medley Stew

As a vegan myself, I don't want my beliefs hurting my pug who definitely isn't born a vegan, LOL. But finding a vegan food good for my pug as well has been VERY hard. 

I also refuse to give my pug GMO food and treat her like a long-term test subject. This food has no GMO's. Mine tends to act hyper if she eats food that raises her blood sugar too high, too quickly.

 So, the lower glycemic index on this food turned out to keep her calmer after eating than other foods.
I didn't like having to read the entire label and look up some things to know what's in the food, so the packing really didn't do it for me. Without much time to shop, I want main ingredients right on the label, to save me time. So far so good, though.

If you're a vegan looking out for the welfare of your pup who's not, you might want to consider this one as a good alternative, with so few good choices for us to choose from.

4) EUKANUBA Adult Maintenance Small Pounds 

As my pug gets older she has starting choking on her food. I'd rather have it make small than break it up. This small bite chicken dog food looked like a smart choice. Maybe for you too if your pug is like mine.

 Her teeth have never been that great, and require much care. So, I was very happy to see that this food claimed to reduce teeth problems. My money is limited at my age, so I was grateful for the good price on this food versus other brands.

 But to get the best price, I admit the 33-pound bag is a bit heavy for me.
I do read ingredients to be safe. So, I was REALLY happy this label kept things simple for me and helped me understand in simple terms what I was feeding Jenny. I hope the ingredients for her joints help her move better over time.

Like me, she's not going to get any younger.

I would definitely look into this one and maybe give it a try if you're having a rough time for your older pug. Jenny and I are all set, so maybe this food will work for you and your pug too.

5) SAVORY DELIGHTS Mignon Flavor Potato

I long ago gave up on my spoiled pug eating anything but wet food. When I saw the low price on this one, I looked into it further. Of course, you can add kibble if yours likes it. Mine doesn't.

 I liked that they had so many specific choices on flavours. For now, I went with the 24-filet pack.
When I bought, somehow I missed the "serving tray" convenience.

 I loved it at first, as makes it so much easier for my pug when he's hungry and I'm in a rush to get to work. Over time though, my pug is really messy, and he'd leave more on the floor than the "serving plate."

 I'm also glad I ignored the package pretending the food would look at all like the picture.You and I know it looks just like normal wet food, and that's okay. 

All I care about is that I found a wet food of real meat that makes my pug really happy. If you try this out and it works for your pug as well as it did for mine that's great.

The best pick

With its high-quality ingredients, affordable price and great varieties that go beyond what you see here, Rachel Ray Nutrish Natural Salmon is among our top picks. Look for it at your local grocery store, as well as online. 

The sooner you make the switch or pick up some of this wonderful dog food for pugs, the better your dog's vitality will be in the long run.

It fulfils your dog's energy needs and is a surefire way to maintain their weight and health in general. It has the edge over EUKANUBA, Halo Garden, SAVORY DELIGHTS, and Blue Wilderness in many ways, including texture and price. Pick up some today.