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Best Canned Dog Food For Your Dog

Introduction: Canned Dog Food

Canned dog food is a popular choice among pet owners. It's convenient, and most dogs will readily consume canned food products. But, it can be hard to know which product is best in meeting your dog's specific nutrition requirements. Many brands claim to be the best and dog owners want their pets to look and feel great.

So, how do you decide which product you should feed your beloved canine? 

This video at can help you decide what to feed your dog.

Here are some tips on choosing the Best canned dog food for your pet


Regarding quality, canned dog food can be just like the dry versions. The best choices have more healthy ingredients and fewer fillers. Fillers come from grains and usually not the best part. Dogs are meant to be carnivores, though some canned and dry versions exist. Look for ingredients like chicken, beef, or some other meat source as the first ingredient.

Usually means the food contains more of the component than others listed on the can. Sources of animal fat and protein should be labeled as well.

Try to avoid foods with too many fillers. While most foods contain some grains, look for whole grains on the label. A high-quality food will have little to no meat or grain byproducts. Another essential characteristic is a balanced food which has all the vitamins and minerals determined to keep a dog healthy and active. 


Canned dog foods are often more convenient than dry, particularly when traveling. They take up less space and for many dog owners, make it easier to ration the right amount of food. Larger dogs typically eat a whole can, while smaller breeds tend to eat half of a regular can size at each meal. Pull tops are also convenient for traveling, as no can opener is required.


Many dogs seem to like a variety of flavors. Look for a brand that offers different types, in case your canine becomes tired of one taste. Single meat tastes are often better than mixed feelings, because dog owners may have an easier time figuring out why essences their dogs prefer over others.


For dog owners who are not sure where to start, read reviews of the top canned dog food picks. Dog owners can often see a difference in the health and overall appearance if their dogs when they get the right food for a breed, age, and level of activity.

Reviews may provide some insight into which brands will work for a dog's particular situation and level of health or fitness. Focus on studies that provide specific details, rather than those that make general statements like "my dog didn't do well on this food."

Public comments don't give dog owners much information to make informed decisions about which canned foods will be best.


While some higher priced canned dog foods are of good quality and worth the price, others aren't. Make sure to check the ingredients of any brand, to determine if the food is worth the higher price.

Keeping the Dog's Teeth Healthy

Are you consistently going to give your dog canned food?

To help your dog keep teeth strong and healthful, make sure to provide plenty of chew toys or bones. Make sure any bones used don't splinter. Rawhide chews are a favorite among many dog owners because they keep teeth strong without posing a risk of splintering.

Top 5 Best canned dog food brands




Our Rating



Natural Balance



Hills Science Diet Sensitive Stomach



CANIDAE Life Stages Canned Dog



Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dog Food



Merrick Classic


Natural Balance

Natural Balance is a brand of canned dog food with limited ingredients.

 Dogs are often on restricted diets when they suffer from allergies or as a part of the diet elimination process, to rule out potential allergens. 

The brand offers varieties with unusual protein sources, such as duck, venison, and boar. It's high in fiber and is believed to support digestion.

This brand has been developed and supported by Dick VanPatten, a dog breeder and owner dedicated to improving nutrition and dog health through diet.

Our #1 Pick

Royal Canin Dog Food German Shepherd Dry Mix 12kg

Natural Balance canned dog food and competing brands have similar prices.  It is designed specifically for dogs with allergies, though it provides plenty of nutrition for all dogs, at all stages of life.

The Natural Balance brand contains fish oils, which can support dogs with allergies and who need additional Omega 3s.

The protein profile contains more plant-based protein than meat. However, it may be a good choice for dogs, when owners aren't sure what ingredients are causing allergy symptoms.

The foods contain canola oil, which may not be the best source of Omega 3 when compared to fish oils.

It may also be difficult for some dogs to process and assimilate canola oil fatty acids.

The food can sometimes smell a bit unusual, most likely due to the particular protein sources.

Hills Science Diet Sensitive Stomach

Many dog owners are familiar with this brand, due to frequent advertising. This brand has ingredients believed to be part of the canine's essential diet.

The varieties offered include meat, fish, and fowl.

Regardless of which type is selected, foods also contain peas, chickpea starch, and other ingredients gentle on the digestive systems.

Some dogs may not like the taste. However, chickpea starch serves as a form of prebiotic and may help with digestion.

Our #2 Pick

All varieties include chelated minerals, which are thought to be better absorbed by the digestive system.Buyers highly rate this brand.

An adult dog needs this kind of food designed for them. Puppies need additional nutrition and calories. It was intended scientifically, to be more digestible for dogs with digestive issues.  It contains other fillers, though they come from unusual sources and foods are considered grain free.

Though sunflower oil in the recipe is high in Omega 6 fatty acids, the added flax seed oil provides Omega 3s. Flax can sometimes cause gas and digestive upset, but usually, it's only minor, and dogs will become accustomed to the flax over time.

It may not be a suitable choice for dogs with delicate digestive systems, due to the flax or other unique ingredients. It also contains dried egg and potato starch, as well as lamb in some varieties.


This canned dog food brand contains no fillers or antibiotics, so it should be healthy for most dogs.

However, the puppy version is limited to the chicken variety.

Some puppies have sensitive digestive systems and chicken may not agree with them. However, for adult dogs, a salmon and mackerel version is also available.

Our #3 Pick

This brand is highly rated, though some varieties are ranked higher than others.

The texture of the food in each can may vary from smooth to chunky. While this isn't a deal breaker for most dog owners, puppies and fussy dogs may have a problem. For dog owners wanting pure ingredients, this brand contains the primary protein source and a broth made from the primary protein source.

There are no vegetable sources in the food. Pure protein sources from fish include more Omega 3s and may be healthier for dogs in general.  

Wellness Core

Wellness Core is a brand touted as being specifically helpful for dogs with skin and other allergies. It contains probiotics and does not contain corn, soy or wheat. Those are the grains thought to be responsible for most of the allergies seen in dogs. It contains salmon oil, which is good for the heart and provides Omega 3  to keep skin and coat healthy.

Our #4 Pick

 The different varieties also specify whether they're designed for small breed puppies, large breed puppies, small breed adult dogs, or large breed adult dogs. This brand comes in a variety pack as well, which is highly rated by buyers.

This brand does not contain unusual protein sources. It offers 12 different varieties, with some specified for puppies, senior dogs, and low-fat diets.

Many types include chicken and turkey. They also contain peas, potato, and tomato pomace. This additive is controversial. It provides plenty of fiber, but many view it as a cheap filler for dry and canned dog food varieties.

It also contains chicory root and pea fibers, which can help with digestion. Flaxseed provides a rich source of Omega 3, though it's generally thought to be more digestible when ground into a sand-like texture.

When compared to other brands, Wellness Core has the same, if not more meat and total protein. High protein is due to the high meat content of the food. It has similar fat content and is lower in starch( a complex carbohydrate ). Lower complex carbohydrate makes it suitable for dogs with weight issues. 

Proper for dogs requiring support for sensitivities. It can be fed alone or in combination with dried dog foods, depending on the caloric needs of the dog.

Merrick Classic

This brand comes in a mushy consistency, with smaller chunks mixed. It's ideal for smaller and larger breeds.

It's also good for dogs whose teeth are no longer healthy enough for extensive chewing.

It includes several vegetables in the mix, which may not suit all dogs.

Can cause digestive upset in dogs who have a sensitive digestive system.

Our #5 Pick

The Merrick Classic brand is grain free, and the classic line comes in 11 different varieties. It also has variations for various life stages for adult dogs and puppies. There are some varieties with unique protein sources, such as venison, bison, duck, and turkey. It makes a great choice to add or top dry dog foods.

While vegetables are not necessary for optimal dog health, they may help make limited ingredient canned foods more palatable to some dogs.

Most varieties contain some combination of carrots, peas, and potato.

However, some variations also include Granny Smith apple.

Dog owners considering this brand should read ingredients before selecting the right variety, as some dogs may not like the unusual ingredients.

One of the ingredients in the food is dried egg. Some dogs may not be able to digest it. Also, the sausage variety contains larger chunks, which may be hard for older dogs or smaller dogs to chew.

All variations include sunflower oil, which is high in Omega 6 but not Omega 3.

Dogs requiring additional Omega 3 support may need to be supplemented or may do better with a different canned dog food brand.

This brand also contains caramel color, which is controversial regarding potential health risks to all species. This brand is highly rated, especially when purchased in the variety pack

Best Canned Dog Food

The winner of the Best canned dog food review is Natural Balance. It receives the highest ratings and is the most suitable for dogs requiring special diets. Often it can be difficult to determine which ingredients dogs are reacting too. This dog food line helps dog owners figure out which ingredients dogs will thrive on and eliminates many of the common allergens. While other foods eliminate allergens, the protein and fat sources in this brand are from high-quality sources, like salmon and fish.

 Sometimes offering unique ingredient sources can help dogs overcome digestive and allergy related issues, giving them a reprieved from bothersome symptoms. Dog owners can use this brand temporarily, or they can choose to continue to feed their dogs the combination most tolerated. It gives dog owners plenty of choice in how they want to manage their dog's dietary issues.

Our #1 Pick

Royal Canin Dog Food German Shepherd Dry Mix 12kg

Natural Balance canned dog food and competing brands have similar prices.  It is designed specifically for dogs with allergies, though it provides plenty of nutrition for all dogs, at all stages of life.

There are proteins and starch combinations, all without grains that dogs don't need. Sweet potato in a couple of the combinations provides plenty of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Natural Balance canned dog food offers simple solutions, with bright, precise labeling.

A dog breeder and owner designed it, to help dogs maintain health while sorting out allergy or digestive issues. Ingredients are safe and nutritional while offering dog owners alternatives to typical grain free dog food brands. Dog owners can choose one variety to try, or buy the variety pack if they merely want to try a new product.

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