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Best Brush For German Shepherd and How To Use It!

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the Best Brush For German Shepherd, then we recommend the Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush as the best one.

As a German shepherd dog owner, you need to groom them since this breed tends to be hairy. Besides, a healthy coat ensures your dog is happy and comfortable in their own skin. First off, you need to understand the fur your dog has, from there, you’ll be able to choose the best brush for a german shepherd. Originally, German shepherds were bred to survive in cold mountain environments; it’s no wonder they have thick coats.

In this article, we’re going to review the following 5 Best Brush For German Shepherd

How to Choose a German Shepherd Brush

First off, you need to consider the coat length of your dog to determine the best brush for the German shepherd to purchase.

There are four main variations when it comes to german shepherd coat length

  • Short coat with an undercoat 
  • Long coat without an undercoat
  • Medium coat with an undercoat 
  • Long coat with an undercoat

Advantages of German Shepherd Brush 

Using a German shepherd brush ensures that your dog ends up feeling comfortable and happy. Running the brush along your dog’s skin is soothing, and you get to form a bond with your pet. For long-haired German Shepherds, using a brush ensures that shedding hair trapped in the dog’s thick outer fur is removed. 

German Shepherd brushes also help remove clumps, clogs, and dirt from the dog’s coat. Besides, regular removal of shedding hair ensures it does not litter your house with your dog’s fur. Grooming your dog at least three times every week promotes healthy circulation and distribution of essential oils throughout the dog’s coat. (

The Best Way to Use German Shepherd Brush

The best way to use a German Shepherd brush is fitting in several short grooming sessions. This way, your dog won’t feel stressed out by the whole process. Besides, trying to do the whole job in one go will exhaust you as well. Short regular grooming sessions ensure that your dog has a good time. [1]

Remember to consider the coat your dog has so you get rid of loose shedding hair without cutting the skin of your dog. This saves you from having your dog’s hair on your clothes, carpet and on the floor. Using a German shepherd brush correctly ensures that it evenly distributes essential oils throughout the dog’s coat for a shiny and glossy coat. Pin brushes are suitable for long coats while slicker brushes with bent wire teeth are designed to remove matt and shed. 

Address the Controversy

When it comes to grooming German Shepherds, different dog owners have their own regimes. Shaving a German Shepherd is however a controversial topic since they are bred to have thick coats. Besides, German Shepherds shed fur on their own during the summer to cool off. Most dog owners who shave German Shepherds do so to reduce the chore of regular brushing.[2]

Shaving a German Shepherd’s coat leaves them vulnerable to sunburn. Aside from being irritative, the harsh impact on your dog’s skin from the sun can cause unhealthy skin. The dogs’ thick coat is its natural protection and shaving it off interferer’s with the dog’s protection mechanism.

German Shepherd owners need to understand that these dogs don’t require high grooming needs. All you need is the best brush for German Shepherd. Even though hair removal is necessary for German Shepherds, shaving is unnecessary. 

Prerequisite to Using German Shepherd Brush

The main precondition for using the German Shepherd brush is to remove loosing shedding hair before they fall off and litter your house. Another prerequisite is brushing your dog’s coat to help promote proper circulation. Grooming your dog means removing dirt, mat, and tangles from your pet’s coat. Ultimately, grooming is done to ensure your pet has healthy fur that is glossy and shiny. [3]

Best 5 Brush For German Shepherd Review

1) Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush 

This is a self-cleaning slicker brush that allows you to get all the nasty mat out of your dog’s fur without scratching they’re akin. The gentle removal of loose hair ensures that you keep your floor and carpet clean. Hertzko self-cleaning slicker brush also eliminates tangles, dander, and knots with each stroke of your hand. This brush works great on a German Shepherd thanks to the bristles and fine bent wires able to penetrate deep. The skin is left unscratched and the dog feeling great.


• Works great on German Shepherds 

• Eliminates tangles and trapped dirt 

• Gentle on your pet’s fur 


• Expensive 

2) Pet Grooming Tool — 2 Sided Undercoat Rake 

This is a safe dematting comb that helps with tangle removal. It is a 2 sided undercoat rake that ensures you don’t have to deal with nasty shedding and flying hair. Aside from dealing with stubborn mat, this 2-in-1 dual headed brush helps with thinning and deshedding. There is a nine tooth side and a 17 tooth side that ensures you don’t rough up your dog’s coat. Besides, this product is absolutely safe for your dog’s skin as the teeth do not cut. 


• Guarantees fast and professional dematting 

• Easy on your dog’s fur 

• Effective with tangle removal 


• Wears out fast 

3) Furminator Undercoat Deshedding 

This undercoat deshedding brush is made from stainless steel to ensure it lasts you a long time. The teeth are reaching through the top coat to ensure you easily remove loose hair.

Additionally, this product comes with a Fur ejector button designed to ensure hair is easily released. Furminator Undercoat Deshedding has an ergonomic handle easy on your palm. You get to remove loose hair without damaging your dog’s coat or hurt the skin. 


• Comes with a button that enables easy release of hair 

• Ergonomic handle 

• Safe for your dog’s skin and coat 


• Expensive 

4) Pet Grooming Gloves 

These are innovatively designed brushes that are shaped like gloves. This five finger design allows you to massage your dog as you dashed its coat. You get a glove for both hands, allowing you to massage your dog as well. These gloves are perfect for bonding with your dog. The innovative design means that the gloves are easy to clean and that they don’t wear off. With both hands work you also get to finish faster, and your arms don’t get tired from holding a brush handle. 


• Innovative design 

• Allows you to use both hands 

• Gentle deshedding brush 


• Does not get all the loose fur out

5) Pawspamper Extra Wide Undercoat Rake

This brush is designed for medium to large dogs, and it guarantees no skin irritation. Your dog will enjoy being brushed by the rake as it is gentle on the coat. You get to remove shedding hair without pulling the coat of your dog. Ultimately, your dog’s fur is left healthy and clean. 


• No skin irritation 

• Suitable for medium to large dogs 

• Leaves the coat clean and healthy 


• Tends to be heavy


Herzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush is the best brush for German Shepherd as it gets all the fur out and it’s also easy to clean. The best grooming products are those that are designed with your pet’s double coat in mind. Aside from getting rid of loose shedding hair, the best brush for german shepherd also distributes essential oils throughout your dog’s fur for a glossy and shiny coat.