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Best Small Dog Collar For Dogs

A dog collar can be described as a small piece of material that is specially designed to be put around the neck of a dog. A collar may be used for some reasons including identification, control, training and medical purposes.

 Choosing the best small dog collar for dogs can be a challenging task because of the multiple options available in the market.

However, the key is to take your time and understand some of the types of products on offer and how they are likely to impact on your pet or whatever you wish to achieve.

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What are some types of collars in existence?

There are quite some dog collars on the market today with each model designed to offer a solution to certain needs. Here are some of the key types you should be aware of.

Basic collars

These are collars that are designed for everyday use. They are made of leather or nylon material. There are a few of these products that may be designed using different materials including -polyester, hemp metal and oilcloth.

Some manufacturers decorate these collars using unique materials. Here are some examples of basic collars.

Break-away collars - these are designed to keep the dog from moving around the compound or any other area. However, when too much force is applied due to pulling the dog can break free from the leash. These collars are designed to keep the dog from unnecessary movement while at the same time ensuring that the pet does not get strangled when too much pressure is applied.

Safety stretch collars - these are designed with elastic panel within the sturdy nylon collar. The elastic part of the collars makes it easy for the pet to escape from strangulation that may be caused by branches, fences, gates and other dogs.

The difference with break-away collars is that once the collars are clipped to a leash the dog cannot break free.

Buckle collars - some people refer to these products as flat collars. They are designed with a buckle that mimics that of a human belt. They often feature loops to which leashes can be attached. The collars may also have information for identification. 

Special purpose collars

These are collars that are designed with a special purpose in mind. The collars may be used to help in treatment, visibility or tracking of the pet. Here are a few examples of these products.

Stud collars - these are collars that are designed with sharp points around the surface. Spikes or any other material on the collars are hand-set and riveted for heightened security. The sharp surfaces ensure that the pet does not get harmed by other dogs trying to bite the neck.

Reflective and lighted collars - these are collars that are designed with visibility in mind. The reflective collar features a shiny tape that can be seen in the dark. Lighted collars incorporate the use of diodes that emit light making it possible for owners or motorists to spot the dogs in dark situations.

Flotation collar - it can sometimes be referred to as a buoyancy aid. It is designed to help in keeping the dog's head above water during treatment therapy in cases where dogs are hurt. It may be made of an inherently buoyant material or one that can be inflated with air.

Medical collars

These are collars that are manufactured to help in promoting the health of the dog. They are available in some designs, colours and unique features.

Flea collars - these are products that have been soaked with chemical substances that are aimed at repelling fleas or any other parasites that may take advantage of the dog. In most cases, these collars are used in addition to the basic collars.

Elizabethan collars - these take the shape of a truncated cone. They are put on the dog to prevent it from scratching fresh wounds or chewing away on stitches that have been used to close up a wound.

Elizabethan collars - these take the shape of a truncated cone. They are put on the dog to prevent it from scratching fresh wounds or chewing away on stitches that have been used to close up a wound.

Training Collars

These collars are used for dog training only. Immediately after the training session, they are removed from the dog's neck to prevent injury or straining of the pet.

Flat collars - these can make for a good training product because they are easy to put on the dog or release in case of too much pressure.

Martingale collars - they are mostly used for dog breeds with heads that are smaller than the neck. They are designed to prevent the dog's head from slipping off the leash during training. 

Head halters - these types of collars take the design of a horse halter.  They are fastened around the back of the neck and run over the top of the pet's muzzle.

Controversy regarding dog collars 

Depending on the type of collar you pick you may end up having to deal with people that hold different views. Those in support of collars such as head halters claim that they give the owner sufficient control over the dog.

 It minimizes the ability of the dog to use all its strength during training. However, there are those people who believe such halters make the dog feel uncomfortable and distracted. ​

​They also hold the view that collars that occupy too much space on the dog's head and neck may cause injuries during training or cases of heightened pressure.

Dog shock collars also raise a lot of debate as some people believe they are cruel to the dog while others hold to the view that they are the right product for fast training of canines.

The key to avoiding any complications when picking the right dog collar for your small dog is to pick something that is designed for the purpose you wish to use it. By a product that is made of high-quality  material and trains your dog to be calm when on a leash.​

How to choose small dog collar for dogs

When thinking of picking the right product for your small pet, the first thing you should look out for is the brand name of the collar. Reputable brands are likely to offer superior quality as a way of preserving their good name.​

You should go for a collar that is built for a specific purpose. The collar should be easy for you to put on the dog while guaranteeing the safety of the pet even when unsupervised. You can learn more about picking collars here ​

Our top 5 dog collar picks

1. Go Go Cute Puppy - Personalized Dog Collars

These products fall into the basic collar category. They are custom designed to feature the name of your dog, your telephone number and can be found in a variety of colours including pink, yellow, red, brown, green and blue.

Two layers of nylon webbing ensure that the products remain in good condition over a long period.

​ Extra dense embroidery is done to guarantee that the collar will keep the writings and patterns in good condition regardless of how long the collar has been in use.

 Available in four different sizes these collars are ideal for just about any size of a dog. It is worth pointing out that you can adjust the size of the collar to fit perfectly on the neck of your small dog.

Our pick

These collars are available at a rate of $11.99 making them the ideal choice for just about anyone regardless of financial status.

*At the time of publishing, the price was $11.99.

2. Bark Collar Rechargeable Dog Bark Collar with 7 Adjustable Sensitivity and Intensity Levels

If you are looking for a training collar, this might be the best choice for you to pick. It is known to remain in good shape for years

 With three training mode options allowing you to switch from beep to vibration and shock, you have the freedom to pick how you want to train your dog. The collar is ideal for controlling how much your dog barks without inflicting any harm.

​ Smart - intelligent chip is included to go off when the dog's throat vibrates instead of when a sound is made. This ensures that the device mounted on the collar does not react to false alarms or barks made by other dogs.

 Features a built-in USB rechargeable battery that can be fully recharged in less than an hour. The battery powers this collar for over 15 days.

Designed with a nylon belt and carefully mounted receiver the collar is both durable and waterproof making it ideal for all kinds of weather.

3. PetSafe Gentle Leader Head Collar with Training DVD

If you are the kind of person that loves to take your dog on walks through the park or neighbourhood, this might be the right pick for your small pet.

​ The collar is designed in such a way that it discourages your pet from pulling, jumping and barking while on walks.

 Adjustable nylon straps make it possible for you to handle easily and control the dog without causing discomfort or injury when the pet tries to pull away.

​This product comes with an elaborate training guide, easy to understand DVD and fitting instructions.The product is available at the cost of $14 as noted here 


4. OneTigris Military Adjustable Dog Collar with Metal D Ring & Buckle

 The product is available in three colours including black, coyote brown and ranger green. This is a product that is ideal for people that want a basic collar for their pets.

 The collar is made of a thick nylon strap for heightened durability regardless of the frequency of use. Cushion padded surfaces ensure your dog enjoys utmost comfort.

​Heavy-duty metal D ring and metal buckle ensure that your dog cannot break free. These features also make it possible for you to attach a leash.

5. Blueberry Pet Spring Scent Floral Collection

If you are the kind of person that wishes to put style into your dog collar, you might want to go for any of the products in this collection. You can get regular, martingale, personalized collars and seatbelts for dogs here.

The collar features floral patterns that are imprinted making it quite beautiful to look at.

​ The product is made of a high-density polyester material which ensures durability while at the same time guaranteeing a soft feel for the pet.


Buckles are designed using Eco-friendly plastic to keep the environment safe.

Our final pick

The products listed are quite impressive in their own rights. However, Go Go Cute Puppy - Personalized Dog Collars take the prize because of their all-round beneficial impact. They are not only affordable meaning anyone can get them but also offer maximum comfort to the pet.

They allow the owner to personalize the writings to ensure the pet can quickly be identified and returned to the the owner in case it strays from home.

This collar hardly raises any controversies because it is designed to enable the owner to get full control of the dog without any unnatural additions such as shocks and vibrations.

Our pick

These collars are available at a rate of $11.99 making them the ideal choice for just about anyone regardless of financial status.

*At the time of publishing, the price was $11.99.