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Best harness for small dogs. What to look for!

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the Best Harness For Small Dogs, then we recommend the EcoBark Rapid Fastener Super Comfort Fully Adjustable Double Padded Step in Dog Harness as the best one.

When walking your dog, it’s most important to ensure that there is a balance between the control you can exercise and your fur kid’s comfort. While collars are the more traditional option, there are many dog owners who prefer to go the harness route. Harnesses not only prevent throat or neck damage but can also prevent unruly dogs from jumping up when they shouldn’t.

In this article, we’re going to review the following Top 5 Best Harness For Small Dog

Features to Look Out for When Choosing the Best Harness for Small Dogs

When figuring out how to choose the best harness for small dogs, there are a few factors worth taking into consideration. The material, clip style, and visibility are only a few of the factors all come into play. 

Material Type

If you’re concerned about material quality when shopping for your own accessories, it seems only fair that you consider the comfort of your pet as well.

Certain dog breeds have particularly sensitive skin, so it may be a good idea to do some research or consult your vet for some suggestions. 

Dog harnesses are primarily manufactured from plastic, nylon, and leather. These are the strongest materials for long term use.

When choosing a material, consider not only your dog’s skin but also whether chewing is an issue or whether your pooch spends a lot of time playing in the water.

If, for example, your dog is boisterous and prone to getting dirty all the time, you’ll want to choose something that’s easy to clean. 

Back or Front Clip

On a front-clip harness, you’ll be able to attach your dog’s leash in the center of your dog’s chest. A back-clip harness, on the other hand, enables you to attach the leash to your dog’s back (or shoulder) region. 

The clip location you choose depends almost entirely on your dog’s prior training, strength, and discipline. It may be a good idea to select a front clip harness for puppies or untrained dogs who tend to pull.

This type of harness will afford you greater control and assist you in training your dog to be more obedient on walks.

Back-clip harnesses are more comfortable and come in a much larger variety of styles and patterns. They’re best suited to well-trained dogs, calm dogs, or older pooches who do not pull on the leash or jump. 

Consider Mobility

Mobility harnesses are developed specifically for old or injured dogs who have trouble getting around.

These types of harnesses are ideal for senior dogs who require more even weight distribution. While they are fitted in the same way as walking harnesses, you will need to get in touch with your vet to assess your dog’s personal health requirements.

A mobility harness tends to be quite soft and designed for long term wear. 

Constricting or Non-Constricting

Constricting harnesses tighten when your dog pulls, much like a choke collar. While these can be an effective training tool, they can also cause your pet serious discomfort. If used incorrectly, you could do unwanted damage, especially in smaller dogs.

Always chat to your vet before using a constricting harness and perhaps consider getting the assistance of a professional dog trainer instead of risking damage to your pet’s chest, ribs, or internal organs. 

Visibility Features

If you’re prone to walking your dog at night, you’ll want to consider purchasing a harness with reflective material or LED lighting strips.

This is a particularly good idea for small dogs when hiking in woody or overgrown areas, as their small stature can make them difficult to spot. 

When walking in unpopulated areas, you may wish to remove your dog’s leash to allow for more freedom. In this case, a visibility harness is probably the best way to ensure that you can keep an eye on your active pup. 

Extra Padding

Choosing a harness with extra padding may be a good idea if want to reduce friction or irritation.

This is often a good move with older dogs or pups who are on the skinnier side. It goes without saying that a comfortable pooch is more likely to enjoy a long walk than an uncomfortable one - and you want walks to be enjoyable for everyone involved. 

Puppy Growth

Consider whether you want to choose a harness that will grow with your puppy, or whether you want to opt for a training leash initially and then progress to a more comfortable harness further down the line.

If you do opt for a “long haul” harness, make sure that it’s made of sturdy material.

Cheap materials can fray and fall apart over time, which is hardly ideal when you’re trying to keep your puppy snug and secure on a long walk. 

Top 5 best Best Harness For Small Dog

1) EcoBark Rapid Fastener Super Comfort Fully Adjustable Double Padded Step in Dog Harness

 This environmentally friendly harness comes in a wide variety of sizes and colors and should fit snugly with no choking. This product is suitable for dogs of all ages and activity levels and can be worn in both cold and warm weather. 


  • Features adjustable velcro and a clasp for a snug, secure fit.
  • Soft padding and breathable mesh ensure comfort without overheating.
  • The harness stretches across the chest instead of the neck to prevent any discomfort or choking. 
  • Full torso coverage with comfortable material rather than thin straps which can cause chafing.


  • Inaccurate sizing which runs on the bigger end of the spectrum.
  • Clip strap can seem a little loose and may not be ideal for dogs that require strict training. 

2) Voyager All-Weather No Pull Step-in Mesh Dog Harness Padded Vest

This vest is made of sturdy, breathable material that can be worn in all weather conditions and is suitable for dogs of all activity levels. The material on this harness is easy to clean and can handle wet, muddy conditions with no long-term damage being caused. 


  • Easy-to-use design prevents the usual struggle associated with putting on a harness. Dogs can easily step into the vest without a fuss.
  • Made from a breathable, non-irritating material that can be worn all day.
  • Light padding allows for a greater level of comfort.
  • Double metal harness loops provide greater security.
  • A wide variety of colors and material styles are available for a more customized experience. 


  • The buckle is inflexible and difficult to squeeze.
  • The neck hole is a little on the larger side which can have an effect on security. 

3) Chai’s Choice Best Outdoor Adventure Dog Harness. 3M Reflective Vest with Two Leash Attachments

This ergonomically designed harness is meant to be easy to put on and take off without any complicated maneuvers. The flexible design of this harness is meant to provide some room for growth It can be worn on long walks and stands up to a wide variety of weather conditions. 


  • The outer layer of the harness is made of durable, scratch-resistant Oxford material that is suitable for outdoor adventuring. 
  • Nylon webbing with 3M reflective material allows for good visibility at night.
  • Sturdy handle makes for an easy seat belt attachment.  
  • Greater support and control provided for senior or injured dogs when walking, sitting, standing, or climbing stairs.  
  • Sponge padding on the neck and chest ensures greater comfort at all times.
  • Bottom hook on the harness can be used specifically for untrained dogs or pullers.


  • Harness comes loose over time and requires re-adjustment.
  • Lack of padding under the “armpit” area can cause chafing and discomfort.
  • Belly straps on one side are held in place with elastic which is not secure enough for strong pullers and can present a safety issue when used as a seat belt. 
  • The plastic quick-release buckles are made of non-durable plastic.

4) EzyDog Chest Plate Custom Fit Dog Harness

This harness is developed specifically with active and hard pulling dogs. It provides a balance between durability and comfort and is designed for long term wear. This product has been developed with untrained dogs in mind and should provide an adequate starting point for puppies who need to get used to daily walks. 


  • Ergonomic EVA chest plate is designed to form to any dog’s chest for a custom fit.
  • Reflective stitching helps to provide enhanced nighttime visibility.
  • Straps are designed for easy and quick adjustment without having to readjust frequently.
  • Added seat belt clip allows for greater safety when driving.
  • D-ring is made of rust-proof metal and is therefore durable and long lasting.
  • A wide variety of color options are available for dogs of all personality types.


  • Stitching around the D-ring isn’t completely flawless and can become un-sewn if constant pulling is an issue during dog walks.
  • The chest plate is hard an inflexible and may not be ideal for sensitive dogs.
  • Harness material is a little stiff and may cause chafing if not tightened appropriately.  

5) BACK BAY No Pull Dog Harness Large Step in Reflective Dog Harness with Front Clip and Easy Control Handle

They make the design of No-pull harness for training, walking and running. They develop the easy control handle for dog owners who may be inexperienced when it comes to structured dog walks, offering a higher level of control with unruly pups. 


  • They make The harness from no-rip, lightweight nylon that is designed for long wear.
  • The addition of anti-chafe padding ensures that dogs of all strength and training levels can wear the harness.
  • Adjustable straps ensure that dogs of varying sizes can fit snugly in this harness.
  • The front-leading ring provides greater control when walking pullers or untrained puppies. The harness can be pulled on and off without wrestling an uncomfortable pup into submission.
  • Two metal leash attachments are durable and allow for greater flexibility.


  • The sizing guide is a little off which can make it difficult to get the perfect fit for non-standard sized dogs.
  • Hook on the back of the leash is plastic, while the hook on the front is plastic. This indicates that the back hook may be less durable in the long run.
  • The material on the underside of the harness attracts fur and may be unsuitable for long-haired dogs. 
  • Stitching isn’t as strong as it could be and it may be necessary to re-enforce areas around clips, loops, and buckles.
  • Choking may be a problem when the harness is made excessively tight.

Final Thoughts

Comfort, flexibility, and durability are the hallmarks of a good dog harness. Particularly in the case of small dogs and puppies, it isn’t recommended that you choose a harness manufactured from stiff materials.

Padding is generally a good idea, though you need to be careful to choose a harness that isn’t weighed down by overly thick, heavy padding. 

Breathability is of the utmost importance. You don’t want to make your pup susceptible to any itches, rashes, or uncomfortable skin conditions. If your dogs are particularly active, or if wet, muddy walks are a frequent occurrence, you’ll want to opt for a comfortable, secure harness that dries quickly and can be washed without any complications. 

The EcoBark Rapid Fastener Super Comfort Fully Adjustable Double Padded Step in Dog Harness is a superior product that is ideal for dogs of all ages, fitness levels, and behavior types.

The double-layered mesh fabric is comfortable, durable, and breathable; remaining soft and cozy no matter what the weather conditions may be.

These harnesses are manufactured from recycled material, making them a fantastic choice for environmentally conscious dog owners. 

Overall, the only major issue with this harness is that the sizing is a little off. However, it’s entirely possible to confer with the manufacturer to discuss measurements and order a size that fits your pooch comfortably.

While there have been one or two complaints about chafing, these two are related to improper sizing and can easily be rectified. The specialized safety buckle is reportedly quite stiff, though this is an indication of strength and durability more than anything else.