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Best Harness For Husky Dogs. Front Lead or Rear Lead?

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the Best Harness For Husky Dogs, then we recommend the Ruffwear Front Range Harness as the best one.

It is not uncommon for a person to research different breeds before selecting a dog. However, few consider the significance a specific breed can have on the dog accessories you purchase.

The breed of your dog can influence everything food to dog beds. One breed specific accessory that you should carefully consider is your dog harness.

Certain breeds, like the Siberian Husky, have several attributes to consider. Here are some things to consider when selecting the best harness for your husky.

In this article, we’re going to review the following 5 Best Harness For Husky Dogs

Why Choose a Harness

We use harnesses because they help prevent injuries to both the dog and the owner. Dogs can easily injure the neck and even thyroid gland if we place heavy or regular exertion on the collar to control a dog. Besides your dog’s injuries, it is easy for a dog owner to injure fingers, hands, wrists, and even shoulders from a heavy tug or a continuous pulling. A harness can help control your dog without injury to you or your dog. It makes it a popular accessory for dogs of all sizes and ages and all ages of dog owners.

What is the Purpose of Your Harness

No matter what the breed of the dog it is important to consider the purpose of your harness before buying. When it comes to the best harness for husky dogs, you need to consider if it will be used for training, walking without pulling or pulling. 

While it might seem strange that you want a dog to pull, huskies are great sled dogs and are trained to pull. There are harnesses customized for pulling. The design maximizes the power of the dog by placing the harness in specific locations that more appropriate for pulling.

If you simply desire to walk your dog the best harness for your husky is one that minimizes or eliminates pulling. This is especially important if you have a young dog that still needs a few lessons in walking without pulling.

Although not the most commonly heard story, there are huskies that do not pull. In this case, the best harness for your husky is one that maximizes comfort. These harnesses are typically very minimal and are used by owners in lieu of clipping on to a regular collar. While you have control over your canine, they should not be used to control a heavy puller or train a new walker.

Measure Before You Buy

Sizing in dog harnesses is not standardized. Harness sizing often uses extra-small, small, medium, large and extra-large, but what this equates to in inches can differ from brand to brand. It can also vary from style to even within the same brand. The only way to ensure that a harness fits is to measure your dog. It is also important to note that different harness are placed in different locations on your dog’s body. Be sure to measure for the specific harness you desire. Some manufacturers will have sizing charts that show you how to measure your dog for the right fit. 

Materials Used

While it is possible to find a variety of materials for a dog harness, many are designed with the material most suitable for the use of the harness. One designed for pulling typically features a nylon cording as this material is durable enough for constant pressure. 

Harnesses designed to minimize or stop pulling commonly features a padded neoprene. This type of construction decreases the stress on your dog’s body. Some might even feature a handle that adds additional control.

The widest variety of materials available are in harnesses that are utilized for dogs that are trained to walk without pulling. These types of harnesses do not require a specific material and owners typically will select them based on looks and less on function. 


The internet has greatly changed the ability to comparison price shop. It is important to note that price is typically indicative of quality. If you want a durable harness or if you have a specific need it is important to shop based on features and not price. The more specialized the harness the higher the price tends to be.

Front Lead or Rear Lead

There are many models that feature a front lead versus a rear lead. There are many people that believe the front lead allows maximum control with minimal effort.

There are others that believe this is better for well-trained walkers and that it should be avoided by people who own heavy pulling dogs.

It is best to experiment with both types of leads if you do not have experience with both. Front lead or rear lead tends to be more of a preference for the owner. 

5 Best Harness for Your Husky

Because there are many purposes for a harness this list includes harness for pulling, those that prevent pulling, and those that maximize comfort

1) Ruffwear Front Range All-Day Adventure Harness

This is of a hybrid harness suitable for that need more control or for dogs that are well trained to walk.

It has a padded neoprene breastplate to add comfort for dogs that pull.

There are two different attachment points. One in the front and one at the rear. The rear attachment is for controlling pullers.

It is easy to put the harness on and take off.

The material has none stretch, so it is important to measure your dog carefully for an exact fit.

This harness is good for medium size dogs but can be ill-fitting on large dogs. 

2) Lovin Pet No Pull Heavy Duty Harness

The harness is specifically designed for large dogs that pull but you do not want to pull.

This harness is completely padded. Every surface that touches your dog is padded to protect your pet while pulling.

It features an additional rear handle for extra control for emergency situations.

It is fully adjustable so you can provide a custom fit to maximize security.

Super durable construction so that makes the harness last for years of use. 

The con of this item is that the belly strap is snug for most breeds. 

The manufacturer includes a sizing chart that helps you select the perfect size for your dog.

The padded neoprene material can get hot on warmer days.

3) Ultra Paws Harness

This harness is constructed for dog owners who want their husky to pull a medium weight load. Activities this harness is appropriate for include pulling a sled, wagon, in-line skating, and can cross.

Made from durable yet lightweight nylon straps.

Straps are fully padded to protect your dog while pulling.

Straps are lined with fleece for added comfort and protection.

Floating O-ring configuration minimizes the stress on your dog’s hips while pulling a load.

Fully adjustable to accommodate growing dogs or dogs are in between sizes. 

This harness is meant for light to medium pulling only. It lacks the durability in construction to withstand heavy loads or team pulling situations.

4) No-Choke No-Pull Front Leading Dog Harness

This is a harness that is supposed to prevent your dog from pulling and choking. It is designed to lead the dog from the back versus the front.

Lightweight nylon strap construction is durable

Minimal hardware for maximum comfort.

Perfect for dogs that are already trained for walking

Front lead design prevents choking even when your dog pulls.

Front lead construction allows you to easily control your dog’s direction without excessive pulling

One of the few harnesses that are available in several colors. 

There is no padding or material that prevents chafing and discomfort for your dog. 

5) Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness

This harness is made for large dogs that pull even harder. Sturdy steel nesting buckles keep the largest dogs under control. 

This harness includes a lead that can be used for walking or converted into a dog car harness. This is the only featured harness that can be used in the car and for a walk.

Five different change points allow you to create a custom and secure fit. 

Padded chest and sternum area are meant to protect your dog while pulling or in the event, you are in an automobile accident.

The front pad can bunch up with use.

The harness is easily backed out of and becomes tangled. 


Unfortunately, not one harness is suitable for all different uses. If you need a product that can multi-task it might disappoint you.

This is the main reason that the best harness for your husky is the Ruffwear Front Range Harness.

Ruffwear Front Range All-Day Adventure Harness is the perfect harness that accommodates a pulling dog or a well-trained walker. 

It is durably constructed while maintaining a low profile. 

It considers your dog’s comfort with the padded straps. The best part is that you can attach your lead in two different places so when your dog learns to pull less you can change the attachment. It is moderately priced fitting many budgets.