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Best Harness For Bulldog. Guide 2019

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the Best Harness For Small Dogs, then we recommend the NoxGear LightHound Revolutionary Illuminated Reflective Harness as the best one.

The best harness for a bulldog is one that is manufactured with the dog’s comfort in mind. Bulldogs have unique and distinct needs as compared to other dogs due to the structuring of their bodies.

This working breed requires a harness for training and walking as well. Purchasing your harness from a well-reputed brand ensures that you get value for your money. Even though choosing the best harness for bulldog is an uphill task, knowing what to look for makes the process much easier. 

In this article, we’re going to review the following Best Harness For Bulldog

How to Choose the Best Harness for Your Bulldog

When it comes to choosing the best harness for bulldog, the first thing to consider is whether your pet is a puppy or an adult dog. Aside from size, bulldog harnesses different based on the age of the dog. You must measure  your dog for a harness so you get a custom fit. Bulldogs have barrel chests, and as such, require uniquely designed harnesses.(1)

Advantages of Harness for Bulldog 

The main benefit of using a harness with your bulldog is gaining total control. We know bulldogs to have high energy levels, and a weak harness might not be able to hold them. Harnesses are beneficial products as we can use them to train and walk a bulldog. Unlike collars, harnesses do not exert pressure on the bulldog’s neck. Application of even pressure over your dog’s chest ensures that your dog has an easy time breathing. This is an effective training tool that is suited for puppies and adult dogs.(2)

Attributes that Differentiate Bulldog Harnesses 

The main differentiating factor for bulldog harnesses is the material used to manufacture them. High-Quality materials ensure that your dog’s skin is not irritated even when the harness is worn for long periods. When it comes to bulldog harnesses, there isn’t a ‘one fits all’ design since the body contours differ. Understanding your dog’s body contour ensures that you choose a perfectly fitting dog harness. The design and originality of a bulldog harness are the key factors to look for when differentiating the products. It would help if you also put aesthetics and craftsmanship into consideration. The designing of the chest straps is very important as this will determine if the harness is comfortable or not. (

The Best Way to Use Bulldog Harnesses

The best way to use a bulldog harness is to find a customized fit for your pet. Comfort is the key to enjoying the benefits of using a harness. Purchasing products from well-reputed brands ensure that they meet all your dog needs. Consider going for a lightweight harness that does not weigh down on your dog. A rainproof harness also means you don’t have to remove it when it rains. Bulldogs have hypoplastic windpipes and wrongly using a harness is likely to result in them struggling to breathe. (3)

Address the Controversy 

Harnesses are a widely used training tool as they give the dog owner more control over their pets. However, a bulldog harness that does not fit properly can cause comfort and health issues for the pet. This is why many emphases are put on choosing a harness that fits your bulldog perfectly. The dangers and concerns arise when the harness is too tight or loose. Always check your dog’s axilla to be sure that the harness is not causing your pet harm. (4)

Prerequisite to Using Bulldog Harnesses 

The main prerequisite to suing a bulldog harness is to train your pet. You can also use the dog harness for walks. A safe and effective bulldog harness delivers a high level of safety and control. Dog harnesses that cater to your bulldog’s unique physique are the best as they guarantee comfort. (5)

Top 5 Harness for Bulldog Review 

1) NoxGear LightHound Revolutionary Illuminated Reflective Harness 

The NoxGear Reflective Harness comes with multi-colored LED fiber optics. This is a USB rechargeable harness that offers you to 12 hours of illuminated walks. There are different super bright colors that make this harness aesthetically appealing. You can choose red, yellow, magenta, blue, pink, purple, green or cyan. This harness ensures that your dog is visible from over a mile away. The warning to motorists ensures your dog is safe from accidents. Besides, the flexible fiber optic cables and the 3M Scotchlite reflector technology ensures you get eye-catching colors. This is an adjustable, lightweight, rainproof harness that allows you to increase your dog’s visibility on night and evening walks. 


  • Comes in different colors 
  • Rechargeable 
  • Visible from over a mile away


  • Designed only for night walks 

2) ICEFANG Tactical Front Clip Leash Attachment Dog Vest 

This high-quality dog harness comes with an alloy metal buckle and a front leash attachment.

Additionally, you get to enjoy its hands-free carrying, and, the four position adjustable features. This is a 1000 lb proof load test bulldog harness that ensures you have control over your pet. Besides, the custom-fit harness ensures that your dog is as comfortable as possible. You’ll have an easy time walking in a crowd knowing you won’t lose your pet since the harness is also escape proof. You can control the puller with little effort, and the adjustability ensures that you are not causing your dog any harm. The material used to make this harness guarantees that your dog’s skin will not be irritated. The ICEFANG dog harness is a superior quality product that comes in different colors, and it fits different contours of bulldogs. You can either go with the brown or black harness and still enjoy training or walking your dog with this harness. 


  • Hands-free carrying 
  • Superior quality material 
  • Does not irritate the dog’s skin


  • Expensive

3) Babyltrl Big Dog Harness No-Pull Anti-Tear Adjustable Pet Harness

The adjustability of this pet harness is its main selling point. This feature ensures that your dog is comfortable each time he or she wears the harness. The harness also comes with a sturdy handle and a strong D-ring for attaching a leash. Besides, the harness is made from a reflective oxford material that makes this product suitable for night and evening walks. Additionally, Babyltrl God Dog Harness has a soft inner lining that ensures your dog’s skin is not irritated. The reflective nature of this harness ensures that you don’t lose your dog even in a crowd. This also prevents accidents as motorists can easily spot your pet. Aside from having high resistance to tear, this bulldog harness also has a unique triangular connected strap for utmost comfort. You need not worry about your dog ripping off the harness and running off. This harness ensures that you and your dog enjoy a relaxed walk as the harness is easy to wear and adjust. This silver harness is a custom fit that guarantees durability. 


  • Custom Fit 
  • Made from reflective oxford material 
  • Adjustable pet harness


  • Tends to get dirty fast

4) RuffWear Web Master Secure Reflective Multi-Use Harness for Dogs  

This is an anatomically designed harness that is especially suited for bulldogs. It comes with five points of adjustment that ensure your dog is comfortable.

Additionally, this supportive harness is a multi-use product that can be used for walking or training your dog. Not to mention the control and support it provides to ensure you and your dog’s needs are catered for. The customizable fit prevents rubbing and choking so that they do not irritate your dog while wearing the harness. This extended wear has a long lifespan, allowing you to use it for an extended period. The belly straps and the foam padded chest ensures that the pressure is evenly spread across your dog’s chest. It also has secure leash attachment points to ensure the leash does not come off when the dog pulls at it. 


  • Customizable fit
  • Anatomically designed 
  • Non-irritative material


  • Expensive 

5) Industrial Puppy Service Dog Harness 

This harness that is specially designed for puppies comes with hook and loop straps that make it easy to wear. This product is available in seven different sizes, ensuring you get the perfect fit for your puppy. The Industrial Puppy Service Dog Harness also comes with a handle and a comfortable mesh design. Not to forget the removable reflective patches that allow you to increase your pet’s visibility for evening walks. This is a multi-use harness that can be used for walking and training your puppy. The top-mounted handle ensures that you have total control over your pet. This is a dog harness made from strong material to ensure it is durable and long-lasting. 


  • Multi-use dog harness 
  • Easy to use belly buckle 
  • Top-mounted handle for total control
  • Comes with a removable reflective patch


  • Not adjustable


The Nox LightHound Revolutionary dog harness is most suited for Bulldogs as it is adjustable and lightweight. Aside from not weighing down on your dog, this harness also incorporates 3M Scotchlite reflector technology that increases your dog’s visibility. It is a harness that is USB rechargeable that is rainproof as well. Bulldog harnesses need to be carefully designed to suit the dog breed’s different body contours. Ensure you prioritize the safety and comfort of your pet when choosing a bulldog harness. Also, consider functionality and durability when shopping for a dog harness so you get value for your money.