Apparel & Accessories

Having a dog means more than providing them with food and shelter. Plenty of accessories, including apparel, are needed to make sure they live a comfortable life. Below is a closer look at some of the most common dog apparel and accessory items owners shop for online and in stores. Some might not 100% necessary, but all are designed to make life easier for the owner, and better for the dog.


Do dogs need their own backpack? Out of all pieces in this article, a backpack is probably the least necessary. It does serve a purpose, but a human backpack is going to have more space for accessories. Dogs with a lot of different accessories they need to travel with will get the most benefit out of a backpack.

What is the purpose of a backpack?

A backpack for a dog is designed to help carry accessories the pet might need during a short trip. Food, toys and other things are easy to put into the bag, without adding much extra weight for the dog.

Benefits and Recommendations

The biggest benefit of a backpack is that it is lightweight, meaning that a dog will feel practically no added stress to their body. All backpacks are ergonomically designed, coming in different sizes for different dogs.

Saddle bag backpacks are usually the best options, allowing a person to distribute the weight on both sides of the dog. One Tigris Dog Pack Hound Travel Saddle Bag is a great option for people to check out.

What to avoid

With a lot of pockets, each bag is easy to fill up in a hurry with heavier items. Depending on the size of the dog, don't add too much weight to the bag, or the stress could have a major impact on the animal even during a short trip.

Bags also will make the dog's body heat up a little bit faster than normal. Take longer breaks in hot weather if a bag is used.


Every dog owner has at least one collar. Most will have multiple options. They are affordable, come in more options than one can even name and is perhaps the single most important accessory an owner should have.

Best dog collars review and guide

What is the purpose of a collar?

A collar is essential for any dog. It not only acts as an identifier, but as a way to attach a leash to the dog when taking a walk or out in public.

Benefits and Recommendations

A comfortable, well-sized dog collar is going to provide a lot of benefits for the dog, and the owner. The dog will be able to have a full range of motion and not feel constricted. Dog owners will have peace of mind knowing that if something happens, the dog can be properly identified later on. Some collars even have "smart" features used for things like dog training, stopping barking and more.

Recommending a specific collar is difficult, because there are thousands of options.

For cheap, personalized collars,is a great place to start.

For an anti-bark collar, is an affordable option with outstanding reviews.

What to avoid

Any dog collar that is too tight for the animal is going to cause more harm than good. One that properly fits will not cause any type of rash, hair loss or general discomfort.

Harnesses & Leashes

Coupled with the collar, harnesses and leashes are essentials for any dog owner as well. They are needed for any walks in an area where a dog might thing about escaping.

Best dog harness and leashes review and guide

What is the purpose of a harness & leash?

A harness or leash is going to allow an owner to keep control of their dog out in public. Whether it is a public park, the local neighborhood or even the front yard of a home, dogs can have the urge to run off for a variety of reasons.

Benefits and Recommendations

Any dog that runs off can be in a lot of trouble. They can get lost. They can be hit by a vehicle. They can be attacked by another animal. Having a harness or leash can prevent any of that from happening.

Dog leashes that are easily retractable are the most common choices for many owners.

 This is a great option for a lot of owners

For a simpler leash that is a bit more affordable, check this one out

What to avoid

Avoid cheaper materials, especially if the dog is medium or large sized. Any leashes made of uncomfortable material should also be avoided. Since the leash can at times get caught up with the dog, tough material can be troublesome.


For cold temperatures, sweaters are essential for keeping dogs warm. Most end up investing in at least a couple different options. They are really needed for the winter months, but some areas of the world actually get cold at night all year round.

What is the purpose of a sweater?

A sweater is simply going to keep the dog warm, and help retain body heat. Even in cooler temperatures, a sweater might be needed for short haired dogs.

Benefits and Recommendations

Sweaters can really help with the overall health of a dog when they are outdoors in colder weather. It also helps with the overall demeanor of a dog, as they can act much differently when dealing with colder temperatures.

Dog sweaters, much like human clothes, are functional by nature, but design is also considered by a lot of owners.

A classic look like this provides owners will a great looking dog ready for the winter

Creative sweaters, like this one , is also popular for those with a sense of humor

What to avoid

Remember, function over style. There are a lot of designs online that might look cool or have a funny saying on them, but the material is nothing more than a shirt.

Also, avoid sweaters that are too warm, if only a little bit of heat is needed. A person needs to shop specifically for the climate they live in for the perfect fit.